Social space/crave creation & management
Social strategy, listening & engagement
Content creation, seeding & distribution
Social media outcome measurement

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social space/crave creation & management

Aren't you or your business going to be like a little lost if you find yourself in the pool of 3.5 billion internet users. We help you create your space among the ones who loves you. They can be your peers, your followers or aliens. We take out the sweet space for you in the internet and place your brand like a cherry topping with a solid SMO flavored base. We will make your target audience go gaga over your services or products. Now how does that sound?

social strategy, listening & engagement

If you don't know how to listen properly you will just hear internet noise. We are here to do the listening part for you more precisely referred as monitoring of all the social media activities going around about the brand. Based on that we initiate strategy and focus of engagement. We let you know which age group is your fan and where they are dancing right now celebrating your success so that you can JOIN them.

community influencing

Every successful brand that a strong community behind them. It's not always necessary to have the whole world as your community, it's better to have a strong community with utmost trust. It's a known fact that 54% users take decision based on community influence and so we make sure you create that impact. Your influencing channel would vary based on the target.

reputation management

You decide, "Nah, I don't need this donut and we say think twice". Almost 89% of consumer goes extra mile to do research on the cost and reputation part. Believe us when we say 4 out of every 5 changes their mind when they find something negative about a brand in the web space. So now, you see it's that important. Don't panic, we got you covered here with our ORM service that not just makes sure getting rid of any nasty things but also makes sure to spread good smell, just kidding.

content creation, seeding & distribution

"It's only words and words is all I have to take your heart away" is a song by Boyzone, but if you dug deep this simple line has shows the eternal meaning of richness of content, power of engaging and impact it bears. As a content driven marketing agency we value all form of it and especially textual. We make sure to develop attention grabbing content and go ahead onto distributing them in the right channels for right users with preset goal in mind. Make no mistake now with every year there is a steady growth in content consumption and internet covers a prime part of it. Cross-platform serving also adds value to our credibility as mostly the consumption happens now from mobile.

social media outcome measurement

Have you been talking to someone off late about your social media activity who just loves to talk about how many likes and shares he has generated. If yes, believe us stay away from him. Social media is not just about the likes but the story behind it. For successfully taking the most out of it you need analytical reports and solid measuring tools that would tell you about the ripples developed and the user base reach in real time. We deliver just that helping brands to hear to their customers like they hear to their best friend up close and personal. So just don't be like a wannabe marketer among 93% who uses social media just for the sake of it. Use it knowing its true potential with us.

influencer marketing

Do you trust a brand or a people more? Well, it has to be people. People make a brand and human being by nature trusts on another human being. Influencer marketing is all about letting people hear great things from the one they trust. So, this DWOM (i.e. Digital word of mouth) is generated for any brand, service or product. It includes content amplification, blogger outreach, social engagement, etc. 31% People trust Blogs, 90% recommendations, 33% ads and 71% social media referrals so let's be on top of all these.

social partnerships

Making friends is what it means. For every brand there must be a supporting brand partner if scale up is desired. We make sure that while growing as a brand you get the right exposure utilizing supporting co-partner brands in all sort of applicable mediums be it social, media and PR. This is more about utilizing the power of social media by the most efficient marketer in the most effective way. Well, you are in for luck today, we just do that.