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About the project

LIQUEsip is West Bengal’s one of the largest alcohol market place and is the best place to shop for beer, wine and spirits. Our customers trust us to be a part of their lives – their celebrations. We are there when it matters - committed to life's moments and the people who create them. LIQUEsip ensures the best buying experience and provides a huge collection of liquors and competitive delivery charges.

Our tasks



The Client approached us with three challenges.

1. The Brand

The company is one of the largest alcohol suppliers in the region, and they are proud of their excellent services. So an outstanding design and brand image were of high importance.

2. User-friendly interface

The challenge was to come up with the design that was not only modern and stylish, but would keep the shopping and ordering processes easy and smart.

3. Pain-points

The website structure was not clear and had some redundancy that the stakeholder wanted to fix.



1. Discovering end-user’s needs

Before starting, Techpro Studio’s team studied the client’s background, brand image and products thoroughly. Then we spoke about tech and design requirements for the online shop and took every little thing into account.

2. Spotting the key features

Techpro identified the features for optimization to help end-users receive more value in the product.

3. Working over prototypes

We started creating a mid-fi prototype of the purchase experience and registering in the mobile app, then tested it with various users to get feedbacks before going forward.

4. Implementing the design

The next step was to implement the design and the UX project. We tried various versions to understand what worked best for the client.

5. Quality assurance

Finally. We conducted quality tests throughout the whole process to ensure a great user experience. Final testing included interaction with end-users as well as overall performance estimation and evaluation.

Technology we used

Axios Library
Graph QL

Project Results

Brand attributes

After we had tested the functional prototype, we thought about visual design and copyrighting: for that we brainstormed about the most relevant terms to be used and extracted brand attributes from our interviews.

Excellent choice and navigation

It’s not easy to choose products from such a variety. We focused on reducing cognitive load and encouraging particular discovery paths that users could take: navigation, home pages and extra features like quizzes. We pared the navigation down based on popularity and provided some alternative paths. In the case of our client, personalization features are extremely useful.


Managing the different layout, grids, components and prepare the app for different devices is tricky and should be done thoroughly to make sure there is a coherent experience between the different devices. We studied and identified the ways users want to interact with such services and defined the best way to provide them with that. While the client observed almost 50% increase in their online revenue generation in flat 6 months

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