Fresh meat and same day delivery in one app.


Online order and fast delivery of fresh meat and fish.

Shopping, Delivery

About the project

Fleshkart online shop offers fresh meat with the fastest delivery in Delhi NCR. Their products are 100% fresh, raw and non-veg. 100% halal certified and chemical free. They follow very strict protocols to ensure that the products are processed and delivered in the most hygienic way. Contact-less processing, and delivery ensures safety of their customers. They came to us with the aim of creating modern and smart mobile application and expanding their client base.

Our tasks



The Client approached us with three challenges.

1. Various categories

It’s not easy to choose products from such a variety. And users go for online shopping for convenience and speed. So together with the client we focused on reducing cognitive load and encouraging particular discovery paths that users could take: navigation, clear categories and clear delivery options.

2. User-friendly interface

The challenge was to come up with the design that is not only modern and smart, but easy to use and understand.

3. Powerful platform

Provide a platform for rapid sales growth and large order volumes.



1. Discovering end-user’s needs

Before starting, Techpro Studio’s team studied the client’s background, products and features thoroughly. Then we spoke about tech and design requirements for the project and took every little thing into account.

2. Spotting the key features

Techpro identified the features for optimization to help end-users receive more value and enjoy an even greater user experience.

3. Working over prototypes

Our design and tech teams prepared wireframes and delivered key information on instructiveness. Then we created a high-fidelity version of the app.

4. Implementing the design

The next step was to implement the design and the UX project. We tried various versions to understand what worked best for the client. And found the one.

5. Quality assurance

Finally. We conducted quality tests throughout the whole process. Final testing included interaction with end-users as well as overall performance estimation and evaluation.

Technology we used

Axios Library
Graph QL

Project Results

Smooth user experience

The creative Techpro team came up with a fantastic design that tied in the goals of Fleshkart both as a brand and a serious new player in the online e-commerce marketplace.

Easy orders

Research shows that users add many items to their cart but do not complete the purchase process because there are too many steps, and the cart is hard to edit. We have simplified this process making sure that the customer does save time while shopping online.


Fleshkart now has an application which accurately reflects the company as a trustful meat and fish supplier with great products, and also as a forward-thinking company with grand ambitions to grow using the latest web technologies. The new application is world class, and delivers an ecommerce platform second to none in the region.

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