Our outstanding project for B A S U® Magic™

eAlarm SOS

A configuration setting for an eAlarm device and a mobile application alternative.

Mobile technologies, Emergency products

About the project

EAlarmGPS™ is the World's First (and standalone) Smart Emergency Alarm, owned by B A S U® Magic™. It uses built-in Connectivity and GPS. The company had been present in the market for years, when it became clear that the demand for their product was higher than their production possibilities. They started to search for a mobile alternative to their physical eAlarm product and entrusted the task to our professional team.

Our tasks



The client approached us with three main challenges:

1. Fast implementation

The client came to Techpro for a fast and full solution, that would cover all their needs.

2. Smart Design

The mission was to create an intuitive and easy-to-use application despite the presence of numerous features and advancements.

3. A better alternative

One of the main goals of the project was to make the application even more functional and available than the legendary physical device.



1. Fully automatic

The eAlarm SOS application developed by our team does not require much action from the user in case of emergency.

2. Aurora database

Secure registration process, configuration with devices and the system using PIN codes and emergency numbers are implemented on AWS using Aurora database.

3. Connected numbers

Fully customable. There is the possibility to add up to 5 family members’ numbers and unlimited emergency centers’ and police offices’ contacts.

4. Consult Management

It allows the user to go through minimal entry procedure, get notified during any time, and get care coordination..

5. Secure

The secure network and GPS provide with security in communication. This module meets best the importance of keeping every piece of information safe and secure.

Technology we used

Axios Library
Graph QL

Project Results

A great alternative to legendary physical BASU eAlarm device.

24/7 peace of mind onto the smart phone. The mobile application can be downloaded and used by an unlimited number of people without being depending on the physical production.

S.O.S activation

Contacting the nearest emergency centers. Also, the mobile application will send a signal to call up to 5 family members or closest people and notify them right away.


Thanks to the alternative mobile app solution, BASU has been able to address the rapidly increasing demand for their services. The company reports about an increased functionality and security levels, which makes BASU an undisputed leader in the market again and again.

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