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End-to-end cloud based solution that could provide a wide range of value and functionality to health organizations

Medical services

About the project

The vision of the project was to build an end-to-end cloud based solution that could provide a wide range of value and functionality to health organizations, including charge to capture notifications, optimal billing, and tele-health services. The design mission was to allow every stakeholder to communicate seamlessly, save time, and make money – everything at a great price.The absence of such solutions was creating complications and loss of revenue for hospitals and ambulatory surgical units.

Our tasks



The client approached us with three main challenges:

Integrated tele-health video component

Technology designed to improve patient engagement and satisfaction, reduce prohibitive costs of Emergency Department, specialty, and urgent care visits. Its Telehealthmodule can be set up in seconds with a webcam and microphone already available on the laptop.

Smart Design

The design mission was to allow every stakeholder options to communicate seamlessly, save time, and make money - all at an optimal cost.

Rounding & Call Schedule Management

The task was to meet the needs of every patient around the clock. With this attribute, every person can schedule their meeting with any respective doctors or patients over a single platform.



HIPAA Secure Texting

HIPAA text messaging platform delivers patient centric messaging and notifications and instantly connects the providers, referral network, and staff with the most efficient communication option available to healthcare today.

Messaging + Mobile Charge Capture

The charge capture features are being used by single provider clinics, multi-specialty organizations of several hundred providers, and hospital systems that span counties and network healthcare communities. The charge capture functionality has been built to ease the adoption across any organization or healthcare systems. Automated Admission/Discharge/Transfer & Clinical Push Notifications

This module also helps to enhance and carry forward the provider’s workflow. With continued notification and care coordination, this feature is developed to meet the end demands.

Referral/Consult Management

It allows the user to go through minimal entry procedure, get notified during any time, and get care coordination. This is a single feature, which reduces the work pressure and saves the time length by hour per shift.

Secure Patient Portal

The secure network provides with security in communication. This module meets best the importance of keeping every piece of information safe and secure.

Technology we used

Axios Library
Graph QL

Project Results

Robust change management

From the beginning, our team was working on making the system scalable, from database to the functional level. The development team did a great job to implement the changing requirements and specifications. The team had to cope with the highly dynamic requirements, and put their best foot forward for rapid implementation.

Teamwork for speed

The Techpro team worked hard to introduce the latest technology and make it fast and successful. Our development team eliminated the time zone barrier to a large extent by ensuring 70% time overlap with DocsInk zone.


Some of the testimonials of DocsInk from the industry community speak volumes of the value which the DocsInk platform has brought to the industry, and Techpro is proud of being behind turning DocsInk from the idea into reality.

A lead physician from a major ACO said: "DocsInk is the long awaited solution that cost effectively addresses the issues facing health care today. It’s technology that actually works for physicians, instead of just one more concession that we have to make.”

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