Phoenix Direct Marketing is one of the leading telecom vendors in Los Angeles. This company encourages people to hone up their skills to become proficient telecom agents. It focuses on providing holistic training that gives the telecom agents proper idea of door-to-door telecom marketing that when accomplished is rewarded with high bonuses.

The Challenges

Maintaining operational activities in telecom industry is difficult unless it’s not well-planned. Higher level management officials of this industry regularly face different challenges. From managing agents, segregating their sales campaign targets to paying commissions based on their revenue generating performance were critical. Thus, Techpro Studio brought out a strong base of business management software for this company.

Techpro Studio Solution

Techpro Studio provided a strong business management software to help Phoenix control entire lead and revenue generation channels. The feature includes-

  • Separate login access of agents

  • Product management solutions based on different sales campaign

  • Agent hierarchy graph to get hold of clear view on revenue performance

  • Different slabs of weekly commissions based on different campaign targets

  • Regular sales and campaign performance

The End Result

Within the 3 short years, Phoenix has gained partnership with many reputable telecom providers including AT&T. It is the #7 among top 10 vendors in NJ, and is continually growing with its robust business management software backup.