The Challenges

The client had only one requirement from us. Since it’s a B2C business serving across the Eastern Region of India and looking for wider access to larger mass, they need more queries from the regions. Like any other B2C businesses, PLCS also needed a digital marketing agency who would chalk out a feasible online marketing plan for assured conversion.

Techpro Studio Solutions

When it came to our plate, there were little or no ingredients. We pulled together each and every aspect of digital marketing that ensures assured conversion through lead generation for years to come. So we integrated the following procedures-

  • Started off with an initial comprehensive analysis for SEO, consisting of thorough keyword research, analyzing specific consumer behaviors, omni-channel presence, and competitor analysis to ensure optimal consumer engagements.

  • Later, we focused on its social media performance to help it gain more engagement at the shortest of time. We created profiles on Facebook, YouTube, GPlus and Twitter.

  • Creating explainer video was one of the best branding tools that worked like magic!

  • Carefully planned content calendar for each organic promotional stage.

  • We map out each and every stage of consumer’s behaviors on the site through Google Analytics. It also helps us gaining insights on the activities on different marketing channels.

  • Now, we have a plan to run paid promotions to gain more traffic and potential conversions.

The End Result

  • PLSCS accelerated to gain more visitors to its site right after we implemented our strategy.

  • It started with 50 enquires at the first month and now it gets whooping numbers of 200 enquiries per month without running any paid campaign.

  • PLSCS generates lead enquiry from the entire Eastern Region of India and also from Bangladesh

  • PLSCS ranks top on Google with as generic keyword as ‘Hair Transplant’ and it’s also leading the row with other competitive keywords.

  • Steady performance on social media and heavy numbers of enquiries prove it to be the sought after hair transplantation company in Kolkata.