The Challenges

  • Promoting minimalistic approach

  • To build trust and partnership in the mind of end users

  • Intuitive web interface to make it market ready

  • Integrating advance technology on the site

  • Complete site creation with the tone of effective online marketing

  • Site navigation was poor and had little or no end user benefit

Techpro Studio’s Solution

  • First off, we crafted out a nice and compelling design. To do that, our UI team thoroughly researched on Typography specialties that enhance visual gratification and action provoking.

  • In terms to make the website market ready, we revisited their service categories and structured the content accordingly.

  • During the prototyping of the site, we remodeled the CTA button keeping the navigational intention in mind.

The End Result

  • started to speed up the volume of their visitors, resulting higher ranking

  • The major facelift of the brand was proven in their 25% increase on the ROI.

  • This brand is still growing every day and increasing its number of clients.