We Love What we Do

Techpro Studio hosts a bunch of creative artists, code nerds, word smiths and experienced project managers with real industry experience.

We strongly believe in shaping each other while learning. As a team, we cultivate work ethics and collaboratively follow them for the greater good. We are committed to bring success to our company through helping our employees to grow. Constant training and development programs help everyone reach their career goal while facing toughest challenges. Creativity and innovation are always highly valued and encouraged. Our inclusive work environment respects every individual.

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Innovation is the key

Every second spent here is spent for innovation. We’re always engrossed into creating new stuffs. Brainstorming sessions are our everyday scene in office. People come up with new thoughts, share the path of implementation and once it’s approved- Voila!

We love each other

Great bond always wins. We’re good friends not just inside office but also outside. You would barely see us talking professionally rather friendlier. Close relationship helps us grow, ultimately leads us to create productive end result.

We are technology fanatic

Its only technology that keeps us connected deeply with our happy global clients. We’re revolving around technology and it’s eternal.

Embracing transparency

We want to keep everything in glass jar. Regardless the relationship among our fellow workers or with our clients, we embrace transparency. We are committed towards our work ethics while respecting each and every fellow worker and so to the client.

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A Day in Techpro Studio

10AM fun

Order your breakfast (oops! We’re not providing it yet!), share it with other fellows and start your day afresh.

Team meeting

Come up with your planning, meet you team and share what you did last day and what you’re up for the day.

The 2 PM fun

You can go out for lunch with your team or you can have your own (which we generally don’t), watch movie or do anything-just don’t leave the office!

Weekly work iteration

Every Friday, you will have a team discussion on all the works that worked magic or just didn’t over a coffee.