Let’s hear it from the CEO

Thank you for showing your interest to work with us/ I am happy to share this platform with you. It was very exciting to me dreaming of establishing a company. A lot of things used to gather up in my mind at a time, but when I initiated, none of them were easy in reality. I understood that ‘easier said than done’. But it was not impossible either.

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A Day in Techpro Studio

10AM fun

Order your breakfast (oops! We’re not providing it yet!), share it with other fellows and start your day afresh.

Team meeting

Come up with your planning, meet you team and share what you did last day and what you’re up for the day.

The 2 PM fun

You can go out for lunch with your team or you can have your own (which we generally don’t), watch movie or do anything-just don’t leave the office!

Weekly work iteration

Every Friday, you will have a team discussion on all the works that worked magic or just didn’t over a coffee.

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Why join us?

The work we do is not what makes us different but how we do makes us. We work closely with our clients and integrate the best technology possible. Together, we breakthrough the stereotype, resolve real problems and come out with the cutting-edge technology and practices. Every day, we learn something new and grow. If you want to be a part of our effervescent agile team and have the potential to work with latest technologies, we’re the place to go.