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About the project

BMI is independent and executive education focused institution, which offers MBA programs and courses for students and corporate workers from all over the world. The project was aimed at adding the latest eLearning facilities to their educational activities to already existing mode of teaching.

BMI wanted to develop a new learning platform and improve training experiences while reducing expenses and other overheads (such as searching for appropriate spaces and accommodation while teaching abroad, physical teaching materials, etc.).

Our tasks



The Client approached us with three challenges.

1. Course design capabilities

It is important that the administrator as well as teachers and content designers have their exclusive access to design courses, schedule classes and communicate with the students.

2. Easy Publishing Process

The client wanted to ease the content building and publishing process on the platform.

3. Video training session

For branches and corporate office to access the data uploaded in the apps and organize live video training sessions.



1. Discovering end-user’s needs

Before starting, Techpro Studio’s team studied the client’s background, teaching approach and features thoroughly. Then we spoke about tech and design requirements for the project and took every little thing into account.

2. Spotting the key features

Techpro identified the features for optimization to help end-users receive more value in the product.

3. Working over prototypes

Our design and tech teams prepared wireframes and delivered key information on instructiveness. Then we created a high-fidelity version of the product.

4. Implementing the design

The next step was to implement the design and the UX project. We tried various versions to understand what worked best for the client.

5. Quality assurance

Finally. We conducted quality tests throughout the whole process to ensure the quality and stability of the teaching methods and facilities. Final testing included interaction with end-users as well as overall performance estimation and evaluation.

Technology we used

Axios Library
Graph QL

Project Results


Admin can create multiple teacher accounts and assign the specific programs. While the learners get a quick registration process and an immediate access to their learning materials and tests.

Communication and Both Side feedback

The platform offers: online training, easy and clear evaluation process, smart reports, various classrooms, quizzes and tests, surveys, and more. The platform allows feedback and continuous communication between teachers and students.


Techpro Studio helped the company organize their online teaching activities, without the need to change locations, looking for conference rooms and accommodations. We are proud about the outcome: BMI now offers more effective training at a much lower cost, uses centralized data and advanced digital materials, grows the number of students, and creates a truly global teaching community.

Proud of our tech partnership & accreditation with global leaders

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