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Why Businesses Must Invest In Progressive Web Apps

07th Jul 2020Posted by Admin

Progressive web apps or in short, the PWAs can be the next big thing that will change your business experiences completely.  Originally proposed by Google in 2015, they gave already earned the attention due to ease of development, compatibility with multiple devices, and better user experiences.

Taking advantage of the latest technologies it brings the best of kind of web and mobile apps, existing. This article looks into the use of these apps for ease, cross-browser compatibility, and faster page load times that help businesses offer higher-level user experience and can retain them longer.

In other words, PWAs are developed using website technologies but gives the feel of an app. They are engaging, captivating, and keep users hooked into it.

With the advancement in browser and availability of the Cache and Push APIs and service workers, have enabled users to get web applications installed in the home screen of their smartphone, get push notifications and work offline.

What are progressive web applications?


With the best attributes of a native app and a basic responsive website, and get a mix of functionalities in the form of a progressive web app (PWA)

PWA is developed keeping in mind to offer a perfect user experience. They have reliability of a website with no apps crashing, fast loading, and increases re-engagement many folds. And as Google provides reference tools and guides to site owners to make sure that the sites are mobile responsive and compliant it offers everything with PWAs as well.

Why you need Progressive Web Apps??


According to a study, an average app can lose 20% of its users within the first time contact with it until the user begins using that app. (https://blog.gaborcselle.com/2012/10/every-step-costs-you-20-of-users.html) 

It is time-consuming to first find an app in an Appstore, next download, then install and finally use it.  With a progressive web app, users can start using it immediately, eliminating the unnecessary steps that take time with an ordinary app.

A progressive web app has to offer the advantages of a native mobile application, like performance, user retention, but without the complexities of maintaining a mobile app.

Essential features of a Progressive Web App


Before we get into detail how a [progressive web application can help in business growth, let’s dive into the essential features they come with.


According to its name, it must work on multiple devices and work progressively, taking advantage of the features available on a user’s device or browser.


A progressive web app can be started and used immediately and is highly reliable.


As a progressive web application is a website, it can be found in the search engines. This makes this application better than other apps that cannot be discovered in website searchability.


With another website characteristic, a PWA comes with a URI that tells about the state of an application. This enables the app to retain its state when being bookmarked or shares as a URL.


The UI of a PWA fits well into screen size and the form factor of a device.


A progressive web application looks like a native app and is developed on the app shell model, with very few pages refreshes.

Independent of Connectivity

It can work both in areas of low connectivity and offline situations.


A PWA can be installed on the home screen of a device that makes it easily available.


The apps come with extra safety and can be hosted over HTTPS that prevents it from security breaches.

Adding to the above characteristic, with a progressive web application, whenever new content is published and if the user happens to be online that content becomes available.

Benefits of having progressive web apps


  • No dependency on an app store

A PWA frees users from the hassle of logging into an app store to download a progressive web application. It has dire t access from any browser.  Depending on your operating system, Android users can install fast the app while iOS users have to manually add to the home screen. 

  • Offline advantage

With saved caches in the browser, you can access PWAs even without an internet connection. You can fill forms, save content but you will need a connection to submit a query. 

  • Easy updates

PWAs can be automatically updated by a user or a developer; unlike the native applications that need manual updating.

Fast Access

PWAs are lesser network-dependent unlike the native apps and hence use fewer data and comes with fast loading features even in a 2G network. This aspect helps businesses as progressive apps can be accessed from any part of the globe where the 4G network is not available. 

  • Cost and time effective

PWAs cost lesser in comparison to a native app. A progressive web app can work across multiple platforms, so development with a single code base can be done, whereas, for native apps, you have to develop there is development for different platforms, which takes more time and costs more.

How Progressive Web Apps affect businesses?


Every business aims for-profit and easy access by its clients.  With the advancement in technology and ease of making, you can get a PWA developed fast and within affordable price while offering functionality, fluidity, and responsiveness of a native web app.

A company that deploys the use of a progressive web application can reach more audiences with whichever OS platform, be it iOS or Android.  When a user captures an application, they can easily manage the content on the PWA, get updates automatically unlike a native app.

PWAs work smoothly in almost every gadget, with a web browser optimizing the pages, offer a seamless user experience with quality assurances, and directly influences the business revenue.

A PWA brings the best of both the world


By nature, Progressive Web Apps are web applications increasing capabilities in the browsers. With the use of service workers and a web app manifestation, you get a reliable and easily installable application. 

Several big companies have launched their Progressive Web Apps and are witnessing amazing results. Twitter has seen a 65% rise in pages per session, 75% more Tweets, and a 20% lesser bounce rate, by lowering the app size by more than 97%.

With a PWA, Hulu saw an increase of 27% in return user visits.

Progressive Web Apps offer a brilliant web experience that your users hooked. Progressive Web Apps enable what you develop to be used by everyone, anywhere, and on any device with just a single codebase. 

Think innovative, get your PWA

Have software development in mind and don’t know where to begin? Schedule a free consultation with us today.

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