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What is the Online Marketing Strategy for Generation Z?

25th Oct 2018Posted by Admin

Generation Z is growing up in the digital world, with smart devices, social media and high-speed internet connections at their fingertips. In this digital era, the tech-savvy generation is more into online communication. 

Keeping in mind, this generation, there is a change in trend of online marketing as we can see it. With this big arena of an online marketplace, competition is tough, and difficult to emerge unique.

So how to increase brand awareness and grow your audience and convert online users into successful leads without spending much?

Simple, make things easy for the younger audience to engage

The Gen Z, on an average spends between 6 to 9 hours every day in media consumption and mostly on a smartphone, laptop, TV, desktop, and tablet - and subsequently switching them, based on purposes.

Vin Clancy, an online entrepreneur, and influencer said that it's an advantage to add a bunch of social sharing buttons to everything from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp to Telegram, and the list goes on. You need to give the  Gen Z audience an option to share in social media platforms because they are inclined to do that and these buttons are easy steps.

Also, Clancy said that you must add one strong call-to-action.  On adding a bunch of them, your audience will get confused and the purpose will be lost. Keep it simple and let your audience know, what is your expectation from them. 

Gen Z is always in a hurry and does not spend much time reading a blog or article. So you need to put a catchy title and headlines for your webinars and blog posts. They are attention grabbers and your purpose will be met.

The young generation is on every other social media platforms which are lesser known and a fact is that just 10% of Facebook users are below the age of 24. To reach out the Gen Z consumer, Facebook might not be your best option.

Pinterest has young users and is also a great platform for marketing as a single image keeps working for a time and again. 

Even  Quora is another sire where people ask several questions about almost everything and get their replies. Quora is emerging a greater way to get followers and also enhance your brand credibility.

Focus on optimization of your content

Nowadays, social media is a ground of contents. But, how to know which one is authentic and more important how to get your content circulated and rank? There comes, how much time to be spent on content promotion. Experts say the devoted time for content promotion is about 80%, while content creating must be only 20% of your time. It is meaningless to keep publishing content, if not received by the audience. So, you need to spend most of your time, making your content reachable to more target audiences.

Here, you should know exactly how Google works and helps you in making you available during an organic search.

Once you learn what your target audiences are looking for, use that to tailor your keywords, which would be four or more highly targeted words, and optimize content on your site for the phrases. This will derive more traffic and eventually competent audience.

To summarize, if you intend to do marketing to outreach this young generation who resides most often in social media platforms, and are often unaware about current affairs; also does not tend to differentiate between online and real-life connections; you need to understand their relationship and outlook towards social media,  in order to create a marketing strategy that resonates with them.

Do you practice any unique strategy? Share with us in the comment section below.


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