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What Is the Difference Between Branding And Marketing

10th Mar 2020Posted by Admin

Are you caught between finding the difference between marketing and branding? Well, that is a contemplation among many. Here, we shall draw a clear picture of the concepts and the subtle difference between them. 

It is essential for every business owner to understand the concept of marketing and branding in detail, for their effective usage. Let's see how the two terms are different from each other.

Branding in nutshell

In short, branding is your strategy, marketing is your tactical goal. You are the brand, marketing is how you create your brand.

To determine what your brand is, you must ask a few questions far beyond generalization of any kind, and find out what your brand is all about. Here are a few things to self-question.

  1. What the main values and principles?
  2. What's your mission?
  3. What inspires you to bring up the business?
  4. Why you will offer as target or service to your audience?
  5. What is unique about you?
  6. What's your professional style?
  7. How you want your name to be perceived?
  8. What kind of feel your name must generate?
  9. What kind of image do you want to create about yourself?

Answers to the above questions can make you differentiate between the two.

Your branding develops what is expected of you by your consumers. By knowing it, you can strategize your marketing plans.

What to understand by marketing?

In simple words, marketing is a tool or way that leads to branding. This will keep evolving and changing with time, as your services and products will vary with time. Marketing is carried out keeping in mind about your target audience keeping in consideration the brand ethics and values.

Marketing is a huge area and can be a mix of keywords, texts, images, graphs, charts, and videos. This can be carried out both offline and online. Some common types of marketing include:

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Marketing
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Print Campaigns

There are several more avenues for marketing. The methods are dynamic and have been changing drastically through time, and also vary with seasons and as per requirements. But your brand is one constant thing and doesn't change. Your brand is your identity.

What is more important: Branding or Marketing?

This is a plain thing that marketing strategy is the center of your branding, therefore branding always comes first. You may be a start-up but you must have a clear idea about branding, your expectations from your business and what kind of name you want to create. Then set your marketing tactics.

Your brand makes your customer and audience keep coming. Your brand is your sign of loyalty. In short, branding is a way to create trust.

Keeping in mind, you have to work out your marketing strategies. It must catch the current trends, but your branding will remain the same all the while. Even if you make a change in your brand, that will be in response to market demands or some changes, but your mission, values and core principal will remain the same.

Your branding is progress based on your audience's needs.

To mention, branding is what you keep doing regularly along with your team, with every effort done like transaction, every email responded and phone call received. But marketing is a task carried out by the marketing experts and that can be done internally or outsourced.

In short, when you wonder between branding and marketing, branding is you, marketing is how you create your identity as a brand.

An overlapping zone 

Though both are different areas, they have a zone of overlap. When you select imageries and content for marketing, you must do it per your brand. As the cliché goes, a picture says a thousand words. Keeping in mind your brand objectives, you must be specific about graphics, colors, and logo, they not only depict your brand message but also play a significant role in marketing. 

What you must understand of the two: Branding and Marketing

With being said about the difference between branding and marketing, here we shall talk about the need to understand the two. Everything is about lead generation and conversions. When you create marketing plans, the main purpose is to generate leads and conversions.

Branding creates a strong bond and is timeless. Your marketing strategies may keep changing, but it's your brand name that will keep your customers keep coming. There is high competition. so you must plan your marketing strategies wisely in terms of prices and many matters.

Wrap up

You may run your business without branding as well, but with branding, your journey will be remarkable. What you have to do is, you must have a clear idea about your business core values and purposes and create marketing strategies accordingly.

Hope this helps you. We are a company for brand marketing in Utah and if looking for farther assistance, feel free to connect our team.  


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