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What are the Instagram Marketing Trends for 2018

31st Aug 2018Posted by Admin

Are you an Instagram enthusiast? Are you fascinated by your followers count? Wondering how to be trending on Instagram in 2018? Keep reading, as we unveil all your answers.

With Instagram Stories, you can add more variation to the page, but there is the scope for optimizing your content and looking for paid advertising to enhance your audience on Instagram.

Instagram trends that you must know in 2018

Instagram is now new pay to win


Instagram Hastag

It is more about the competition!  Instagram keeps making changes in their algorithm, which negatively affects the organic reach for brands.

In March 2018, Instagram introduced changes to allow you to control your feed and be sure that you see timely posts. Now users can control with page refreshes, what to see in the timeline

Excellent for users but not for brands. With increased competition, there is more saturation.

To get good post engagement, you must choose the right hashtags because that improves your posts’ visibility.

But how many hashtags for a post?

TrackMaven found that nine is optimum count for engagement. The report says that elaborate hashtags (with 24 characters) do better than shorter ones.

Customers could make a direct purchase of this


Direct Purchase on Instagram

If you have an e-commerce store, you must use Instagram’s Shopping feature, to improve product finding on an app by making every information present in one spot.

According to Instagram, 75% users on seeing a business post responds.

How to enhance your reach for shopping posts

Snappt – With this tool, you get your Instagram feed embedded on your website to create a beautiful gallery.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – It assists in managing campaigns to bring engagement and optimize your Instagram posts.

Connect with micro influencers for promotion


Connect Follower

Instagram likes rate versus followership and here, micro influencers do great.

The mid-range followers  (1000 or more) might have good engagement count and be greatly useful for your page.

To launch a micro-influencer campaign is not expensive. Just work with Instagram influencers to get better ROI. Mega influencers have good engagement count, but lower sales.  This also yields higher sales, but lesser engagement count.

If you are confused and can't find your right kind of audience, get the help of platforms which helps you find micro influencers, like Grin, Upfluence, and Gnack. On finding an influencer, just contact via direct message or email.

Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories

Instagram launched own Story features in mid-2017, and this helped a lot. Instagram Stories fetches you a huge audience, whom you must target. With a wider audience, you can reach out to more targeted people.

How to benefit from them?

You can use images or videos, they pave the way for your audience.

After reading, now take a look at your Instagram page and see what changes you have to make.

If once you post about food and next about politics, you will definitely confuse your readers and this will affect your followers count too. Always be predictable.

The older posts which don't meet your current criteria then remove them or archive. 

Find more followers with live streaming


Instagram Live for Marketing

Yes, you need to go live. Instagram Live is the best way to get connected with your audience, converse and solve issues if they have any. You can upload videos, contents, stories, partnerships and many more.

Instagram is going to remain but much improving and changing. A platform that will continue to grow and with it you too, provided you follow the above-given strategies. Take advantage of micro-influencers marketing. Use Instagram live to connect with followers. 

Choose to consider branded face filters too.

How are you taking the ride? Let us know.

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