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What Are The Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2020?

24th Jun 2020Posted by

Discover the online marketing strategies for your business to improve growth opportunities and boost revenue.

A digital marketing strategy includes the planned use of digital channels like SEO activities, content marketing, SM marketing, email marketing, digital ads, and more.

A marketing strategy can be an integrated plan comprising various channels to meet the marketing-related goal or it can be a single channel-specific plan that supports the entire goal.

The Importance of Online Marketing and Business Results


A well-planned strategy navigates the consumer’s journey. Here are 3 reasons how digital marketing can strive for business results:


  • Offer A Personalized Experience

Salesforce study found that about 53% of customers want personalized offers and 62% want brands to understand their needs. This made AI an essential technology integrated with business functionalities. Online marketing allows you to channelize your audiences based on psychographic, demographic, and geographic traits. You can define segments based on customer’s choices, buying patterns, and product usage. The refined segmentation also allows you to deliver a personalized experience via email marketing. Digital marketing sends the right message to a targeted audience.

  • Flexible Tweaking of Activities

 Digital marketing brings flexibility to the table being scalable.  With the optimization of performance avenues, you can manage your expenditure smartly.  And the tweaks and turns can be done instantly.

  • Track Your ROI With Accuracy

Digital marketing has made sophistication a practice. Gone are the days when there were huge investments for marketing through radio, print, and billboard advertising and also with the uncertainty of returns. Digital marketing enables you to do advertises through various mediums and also track and analyse accurately. It also enables you to understand your audience's touchpoints.

There you know that digital marketing helps businesses. We are a digital marketing agency based in Utah and this article is created to give you insights about the marketing strategies that can make a difference.

  • Strategies For SEO and Content Marketing

As both content marketing and SEO go together, here are 3 strategies that will benefit you.

  • Achieve Position Zero

Position zero is the featured information on Google’s search engine result page (SERP). If your content ranks in position zero, your CTR (click-through rate) will go high. This is difficult to reach but here are a few tips to know.

  • Create content headlines with WH-type questions (who, where, when, what, why, who, and how) and your content accordingly.
  • Create content with instructions (how to).
  • Create content with lists.
  • Reply to FAQs.
  • Create engaging content with continued conversation

Consistent Content

When your content is ranking well but also doesn’t have a good retaining period and facing a high bounce rate, this means it is not matching the expectations. The content must be consistent in every stage of the funnel from top to bottom. Try videos, infographics, and podcasts with texts. Create an authoritative content where readers can dive into depth.

  • Brand Collaborative Content

This means content creation with collaboration between different brands. This allows participating brands to forward their message and creativity. Co-branded content helps you create better content with multiple social media channels and broaden your distribution and reach.

Example: BMW’s #RoadtoCoachella campaign that featured many BMW i3 and BMW i8 models inspired by Khalid’s album Free Spirit on a road trip to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The ride was documented by influencers like Dorothy Wang, Paris Hilton, and others with pit stops for concerts, fan giveaways, food trucks, and exclusive experiences.

  • Social Media Strategies

Social media has been influencing digital marketing since the beginning and it continues to remain so. Here are 3 SM strategies that you must try this year.

  • Micro-Influencer Marketing

In comparison to macro-influencer marketing, nowadays brands are collaborating with micro-influencers for various purposes, on the main being lesser investment.  For instance, a smartphone company engaging with a tech-savvy YouTuber instead of a mainstream celebrity. Micro-influencers are experts in their niche and are also trustworthy.

  • Community Building

With competition everywhere, you will need to create your communities or groups and engage the members with the brand on a personal level. This will enhance engagement and communication, and people will learn about your brand from people.

  • Explore All Social Media Platforms

Besides the major SM platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, there are other emerging platforms or smaller platforms that have been existing. You can take them as a channel to send your brand message. There is TikTok, and you can initiate your brand-specific campaign there.

  • Digital Advertising Strategies

 This is a dynamic area for marketing. You can try the below 3 methods to get the maximum.

  • Contextual Targeting to Place Advertises

In this kind of advertising, the ads appear according to the context on the webpage. This ensures that you are reaching out audience already interested in your service or product.

  • Video Advertising

In this, Google and Facebook have been giants. For video marketing, Facebook has both itself and Instagram, and Google has YouTube. A Salesforce digital advertising report of 2020, found that brands dedicate about 44% of ad budget to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Audio Streaming Apps

With the rise of podcasts and many such audio streaming apps, now digital marketers have many avenues to connect with their audience.

Companies like Rubicon Project, Google, SoundCloud, and BBC are focussing more onto programmed apps for better avenues to reach out to their audience.

  • Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing has not faded yet. You can implement the following strategies.

  • Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

A mobile-friendly email is limited to responsive designs only.  As more and more people are opting for mobile devices than desktop, such emails can reach out to more audiences. With interesting subject lines and content body, magic in your hand. Do not keep too much content and also look into the matter that, recipients don’t have to take long to find the CTA.

  • Implementing BIMI

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. This is an email that adds to your brand authenticity.  The purpose of this is to help the audience to differentiate between authentic brands from spams and fraudulent. Implementing this will make your brand stand pout.

  • Enable User Interaction With Emails

Email marketing must keep the flow continuous. You should keep the conversation engaging. You can do so with surveys or polls. You can also try and keep the email shorter with image carousels.


Digital marketing is agile when it comes to adopting technologies. You can try implementing the following into your marketing strategy.

With respect to this, you can take advantage of IoT and use geofencing marketing, improve audience experiences with AR/VR by creating beautiful filters and lenses that can keep people engaged and conversational AI like chatbots to improve communication with the audience.

When you chalk out plans, you must think in the context of omnichannel to converge all or most of the strategies and provide CX to consumers throughout the journey.

For an effective online marketing strategy, you must be flexible.

Here Are Some Tips to Transform Into Action.

  • Know your audience and their favourite brand/industry for cross-category promotions.
  • Create awareness campaigns. Keep sensitivity and relevance.
  • Include influencer marketing to attract more audience.
  • Engage with your audience and make an effort to meet their expectation.
  • Try giveaways and social media sweepstakes

Maintain consistency with changes.

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