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What Are the Best Tips to Enhance Your Content Engagement

10th Jul 2019Posted by Admin

To write a successful content, you must know your audience's mind. Your content must demand their attention and must be engaging. Now, how to make it engaging? If you have a website and you find that your blogs have minimal visitor engagement,  then you are on the right page. In this blog, we share you some top, blog engagement methods to garner more likes, comments, social media shares, and links.

9 ways how you can promote visitor engagement with blogs:

Know what your audience seeks

The first rule for engaging content is knowing your audience's expectations. There are numerous ways to know your audience, here we tell them in details.

The best way to know your audience is to ask them questions. What you can do is create polls in your website and learn the choice of your audience. Next, with that information, you can create a better handle with contents that can appeal to your audience. Also, you must check your Google Analytic's account. There you get an idea about your most popular posts and get an idea, what kind of post can do better in the future. Also, you get an idea about demographic statists like age, location and how they browse.

With all this information, you can create your customer persona chart which bears goals, main point, median income, and lots more. To create an engaging audience, reach the right audience.

Include something exceptional in your content

For instance, you want to write a topic that has been written many times prior, like a page created on Facebook. Before you start writing, you must see what is missing in the top posts. There may be something that you may know and others don't know and that can add more value and make your content exceptional.

So it is a wise idea to keep that in mind, to add something additional while you make your content.

Once you figure out, include that in your post. This is a successful tactic to bring more likes, comments, social media share.  People will love to read something new in your post.

Don’t make obscure content

If you see that some ads or emails pop up on your blog then you must reconsider, what is the purpose of your blog. If it is audience engagement, then there must not be any interference on your blog.

Not only the ads obscure your content but also reduces page loading time, that means more visitors abandon the page instead of engaging at all.

Visuals never fail

Only words may not appeal your viewers. Your blog must have relevant visuals like screenshots or images to include your thoughts or add weight to your content. Anyone can write and talk about the periodic table, but the blog with pictorial representation of the periodic table will attract more viewers. This idea will make sure that you get more comments, likes, social media shares, and links as people will love your content.

Opt for the best comment system

Before you start writing, just look for the top blogs on the topic you are about to write, mainly the one with most comments. You must find out what comment system they do use, whether Facebook, Disqus or a similar system, then you may opt that comment system for your blog as well. The reason is, that's what your audience uses too. With the presence of a strong community like Moz, you may get a login-only comment system. Otherwise, you can go to the reader's choice. Otherwise, if you find a popular blog and that's without much comment, avoid that. 

Ask for action or engagement

Just uploading content, don't believe that all people will come up with some engagement. You must ask for engagement, maybe at the end of the blog's end.

You can ask your audience to share their thoughts, opinion or experience with respect for the blog content. You can end your blog with some questions.

With regular audience engagement, you may attract an audience on a regular basis for future updates. If there are freelancers or guest authors creating content for you, ensure that they engage with the comments under your blog and maintain a conversation.

Add some data

People love to read blogs or content with authenticated data. So it is a good tactic to add some data if possible with your content.  data enhances trust.  For instance, don't just say that Optimizely is the most popular A/B testing tool. You can also data from BuiltWith.

You may also find some more links in Google, and add them and become a site that everyone links while they quote in their own posts.

Your social media presence is much required

As per Statista, currently, there are about 2.77 billion people on social media across the globe. Now you must attract them, by creating a business page in social media.

Most of the businesses schedule the blog content to upload content regularly, to attract potential visitors to the website. This will help your current customers to read the content and add to comments as well.  If you create a content that will be shared lot, the chance of reaching out your target audience is high and also inspire conversation on your social media account or under your blog.

Use different types of media

The final effort will be to add numerous types of media in your blog.  Videos are an excellent addition to your posts. With a video, users stay longer than with words based texts. Moreover, it is easy, fast and more convenient to consume a video than go word by word in a blog.

In Conclusion

The tips mentioned in this blog post are just valuable addition to what you may already know. There are numerous ways to boost audience engagement on your blog. Now every industry has its own specifications, you must share your focus regularly to try new tactics so that your content can keep your audience engaged, globally.

Well, now it's your turn to tell us in the comment section below, what specific tip you use to enhance audience engagement.

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