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Website Color Strategy Can Earn You More Lead Conversions

29th Jan 2019Posted by Admin

Why do you need a website? To some, this helps to push an agenda to be political or social, while others it's a way to make money. Whatever be the purpose, the main reason is to get conversions, be it as a subscription for newsletters, someone filling a contact form, service offering or finding a product.

One might draw huge traffic and good rankings yet, there could be there fewer conversions. Various factors affect conversion, one among them is the website color.

Colors not only make websites pretty but also draw emotions and create an attitude in the visitors, if talking in terms of color psychology.

What is color psychology?

This is a kind of behavioral psychology and mainly focuses on how color can affect human behavior. It is a science about colors and the way it influences attitude, emotions, and values.

Here we discuss some basic colors and associated with human behavior


This is associated with a feeling of tranquility and serenity.

This is capable to reduce people’s heart rate and blood pressure.

As an English idiom, blue is synonymous to being sad.

Blue is a popular business color because it represents trust, stability, security, and intelligence that companies like to have and project towards visitors.


This is the color of sunshine and gives a sense of optimism and happiness.

Also, it is said that the color yellow makes the feeling of being young.

Yellow might be overwhelming too, so you need to choose the color combination wisely for your website.


If you are a marketer and want to create an idea about fast or urgent service, red is your option.

When there is an ad for clearance sale, with background color red, this causes haste in people and eagerness to see it. In every way, you cannot miss the sense of haste that red creates.

Red also signifies passion, and it has a wide range from love to envy to danger.


This is a yield of red and yellow. Orange also creates a cheerful mood and also at times some sense of urgency. And excellent to catch attention.


This color is associated with purity and innocence. Also signifies hygiene and tidiness, hence, most commonly finds its usage in the healthcare sector.


This color is associated with anything related to concerns about the environment.

Green also is associated with decisiveness. Like blue, green also offers peace, tranquility, and relaxation.


This is mostly associated with gloom, death, and doom. But, it has more to it.

Black portrays elegance and is a sign of sophisticated taste and is popularly chosen for ads for fashion, cosmetics, fashion, and luxury products.

Color psychology is a success key for lead conversions

It is essential for web designers and marketers to understand the psychology behind colors and the associated human behavior as a key success ingredient.

Knowing the colors wisely, you can elicit the expected reactions that would help you get conversions for your chosen agenda, be it business, social or political. 

Color psychology gets rightly associated with people's behavior and this is something that every web designer and marketer, keeps in mind. Otherwise, they won't use color psychology to their work if the associations were no real.

Choose colors for web designing to enhance conversions

Once you have decided with your agenda as described in the blog, earlier next you have to choose your color, wisely.

No matter how you research the market and target your audience, this is one best way to take colors in your advantage and help people's psychology connect and relate. While researching, also consider age, gender, ethical upbringing, and every possible and significant factor.

To say, men and women have their own color preferences. If you are targeting either gender or both, colors can be deciding factor as well because both the genders perceive colors differently.

If your website is for children, then you can choose various colors like red, green and yellow. 

The best thing is that you need to perform the A/B test to find out which color combination goes best with your purpose to generate leads and finally get the maximum conversions.

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