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Ways to Create Engaging Social Media Videos

25th Jul 2019Posted by Admin

Do you post videos to entice your social media audience? Is it educational, entertaining and starting any conversation?

Some surveys show that about 84% of consumers say they buy products after watching a video. This makes video content marketing a must choice, no more a 'maybe' option. Anyway, to be honest, creating video content is not always easy. From conceptualization to using the right tools and knowing how to strategize, you may get stuck before you start.

So to help you, here we share how to use videos in brand marketing.  Just with this guide, you can create you’ll create high-value marketing videos to add to your social media strategy.

So how to use videos on your social media?

Keep reading this blog post; you will learn how to make use of videos in content marketing.

First you must know your social media goals, to get your audience rightly targeted. So you need to set straight your objectives.

What could be your purpose?

Below we mentioned, some of the common reasons why people adopt video blog, you may find yours too.

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Enhancing the audience reach
  • Improving social media engagement
  • Get more conversions and sales through social media
  • Generate more traffic

Keep your goals in mind to get your purpose fulfilled. You have some additional purpose, but first, you must make it clear.

What kind of video ideas you may think about?

Here we share some video ideas that may help you.

Product videos: This is somewhat like an explainer video, through which you can highlight your product or share explanation on how your product may work. Just keep it engaging and entertaining.

Value adding videos: They are videos sharing tips and tricks. No matter whatever is your area of concern, you can show your concern and share videos that can add value to the knowledge of your audience. 

Branding videos: Just like product videos but more focus onto company culture, brand values, team and everything needed to make a brand.

Videos with case studies: With case studies, you can garnet your audiences' trust. For the successful running of your business, case studies can build trust among your visitors. They will feel secured to take your product or service.

Here we share some best practices in creating social media videos to get the best results:

Take advantage of storytelling elements

Storytelling techniques never fail. If you remember, Nike’s Instagram video. It was a powerful video, evoking strong emotions among viewers. All credit goes to its storytelling techniques. You wanted to watch more and know the story. Story telling technique compels users to wait and watch the video until the end.

Optimize your videos for numerous platforms

Once you have created a good video, you may be tempted to share it at many platforms. But, every social media platform has different formats and users have versatile expectations. So you must do the uploading, accordingly.

You may take help of Wave-video; a free online video creator with over 30 various sizes and formats that you can switch with some clicks.  Also, it offers a library of free videos and images which you may utilize. 

They also provide amazing templates for various occasions; what you have to do is select a template, customize it, change them with something new, change video format as much as you want and upload.

Just don't say it, show

When you have an important thing to share with your audience, show it, not just tell. Make sure, you convey your message well through images and video clips.

Subtitles are a must

Many people may watch a video in silent mode, there subtitles help. If your video cannot be watched in silent mode, then many audiences may skip watching and you will miss on potential customers.  So it is always a good idea to make videos that can be watched in both silent modes and with sound.

Fortunately, many video making tools give this scope.  For instance, Quik by GoPro helps in editing videos and add text overlay to every scene.

Try to create interest in your audience from the first few scenes

When you are making a video, you want to engage the same with your audience. So, your effort must be to inspire them from the first few seconds so that they remain till the last. You must just get beautiful visuals to keep your viewers attracted.

Get it straight

With low spanned attention overcoming us, more than in social media, people will love concise content.  Short, nice and full of content. So it is an ideal thing to keep your video short.

Oreo as a brand has been bringing up nice short videos; their videos run jut for a few seconds, but very and send their message to the audience.

Final thoughts

What you must do, is follow the tips shared in this blog post. Create amazing videos, add subtitles and upload with various formats in numerous websites. Rest, this is another learning area, you can improve yourself with time and practice. But, you must start for now, at least.

Looking for ways to optimize your social media strategies and get noticed in the market? Connect with our team, now.

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