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Watch Out These Social Media Marketing Trends In 2019

27th Nov 2018Posted by Admin

As a business leader you must have solid business strategies and with an evolving social media and its trends, you have to remain updated as well. Social media is constantly influencing the businesses and not being on social media, you are missing several ways to success.

But with an ever-changing social media, you must remain updated with the changes. Here we enlist some social media trends that would flourish in 2019. 

  1. Video Advantage

Video would remain dominant in social media trends. Instagram has now come up with Instagram Stories like Snapchat, and both works in a similar way. With Instagram stories, you can make the best use of Instagram to reach out to your users.  YouTube is yet growing and would continue to add growth to businesses. People are more attracted to video information than audio format or written ones.

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality along with virtual reality is emerging and studies reveal that both the markets would surpass $298 billion by the year 2023. One obvious example is Snapchat’s facial filters.

A few of them have sponsors in the screen corner and you can create own geofilters too. Social media managers must take advantage of this because the same trend will continue to become more prevalent on other platforms and you can personalize your experiences.

  1. Concentrate on Generation Z

With Generation Z entering the workforce, says they have money to spend. For instance, retail businesses, offer clothes with various styling and of versatile range. Retailers are also bringing up stores and hosting events with customized experiences and this trend going to continue for coming years. Generation Z saw its birth in an atmosphere of technology, therefore making social media marketing perfect for them.

  1. Messenger Apps and Chatbots

The various messenger apps are offering customers ways to reach out to users or they reach you. We all know how businesses and people are making the best use of Facebook messenger. When users land on a business page and something catches their interest, they can easily connect through chatbot and have a conversation that can convert a user into a successful lead. This is an amazing way have an engagement throughout the journey. 

  1. Live Streaming

With live streaming, you can take your video experience to another level. Instead of having the trouble to develop a video, you can directly stream a video giving your customers an experience like funny behind-the-scenes look at what happens in the work ecosystem and how the products are made

And keep repeating the same. Live streaming is a kind of giving way to potential call-to-action. For instance with live streaming, marketers can ask the audience to comment or ask questions and learn about the minds of people.

  1. User-generated Content

This is a kind of content which is created by unpaid fans of businesses which the business can use to promote their products. It could be as videos, photos or memes. With this, you can make your customer get involved with business strategies, which also gives an idea about customer satisfaction.

And with words-of-mouth references are yet a  significant player in today's world of technology. Nowadays people don't respond to simple marketing strategies. Just telling about a product is not sufficient, the users want to hear the story behind

  1. Influencer Marketing

We already mentioned the significance of YouTube? When you come across a sponsored video by someone with several subscribers, you are watching an influencer's video. On reaching out to Influencers on YouTube or Instagram, you get other people to promote your products. 

YouTubers come up with content that many people can relate. When they promote your product, they do in such a manner that it appears, as if they use the product and have benefitted. Also, the products could help you. It's easy to trust them, than any big company.

Concluding thoughts

Social media marketing is an ever-evolving. Paying attention to the above-mentioned trends will help you strategize your business plans and aim better. Businesses are understanding the role of navigator, guides people to their products and allowing them to decide whether to opt a product or not. With social media, businesses can fast connect the customers and personally help in generating more revenue while developing trust by being more transparent in business.

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