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UX Design Trends to Look For In 2019

16th Apr 2019Posted by Admin

UX design is constantly changing and in just two years we have witnessed many people adopting technologies like voice UI, smart home devices and mixed realities. With new technologies coming up, that influences new human behaviors, giving new experiences and finding new solutions; is impacting the way designing is being done.

With 2019, user-centered designs are becoming top priorities of the companies and with this, UX designing has come into the mainstream, as an essential ingredient for business or customer relationship.

What to expect this year?

Dylan Field, CEO of online interface design tool Figma has made some predictions for interactive designs. Let' see what are the emerging UX trends that have the potential to become a big thing this year.

Accessibility is primary

Instagram provides alternative text for detailed images to help them with visual impairments, but according to Dylan believes that the UX design has better potential to help with user accessibility.

Dylan suggests that the main step in this is to create awareness about products and services. With fields like user research, businesses can build empathy with prospective customers and can plan things that will appeal them more. Next what to be done is take some action and convince users about the products. New products roll out regularly that makes it easy to create screen readers or check genuine contrast ratios for people who are visually impaired, and with a better caption and transcriptions for the hearing impaired.

Accessibility has become an essential requirement for designing, and more companies are getting committed to proper and accessible designs.

Crypto is getting trendy

Bitcoin has a "not so good" 2018 story giving it a reputation of being untrustworthy and volatile, crypto companies are focusing on educating and spreading awareness among the mass about financial freedom and crypto advantages. In the opinion of Dylan, the design is the main key to overcome the hurdles and make blockchain technically accessible to all.

He states that it is a complicated ecosystem, as general transactions require clicks on the device; owing to its self-sovereignty of cryptocurrency, mistakes happen at the end.

Across the globe, many developers are making apps for crypto developers. There is dire need of many designers to communicate and coordinate these complex topics for the growth of the crypto ecosystem.

Take charge of screen time

2018 saw how Apple and Samsung introduce screen-time features to help customers to supervise and restrict their spent time on the phone. To set an argument, are these features effective in overcoming smartphone fixes as would users like to see usage graphs on the phone when they are not interested to see their mobile device at all. But Dylan is more hopeful about this with advances in UX designs.

Dylan says that it is the task of the designer to offer a better user experience. Facebook succeeds at this as they mainly focus on making advertising more cost-effective instead of considering to make consumer experience, more efficient in catching up with friends.

Dylan says that it is a new thing and has the power to change user experiences, positively. Instead of using design experiences to keep your users engaged for a longer time,  designers are responsible to think more than screen experiences and develop better and more efficient apps which will finally offer enriching user experiences.

Dylan is hopeful that, in 2019 people can spend more time on screens to enhance their experiences and lesser time, using screens to consume resources.

Open design is a new practice

Volve and Figma with cloud-based technologies are developing innovative ways for designers to develop and collaborate with each other. Dylan is of the opinion that now is the time to give a farewell to the  ‘black box’ technique and welcome the idea of open designs.

Technology is evolving fast, and digital products are getting more convenient. A change in design trends is just a reflection of the fast change and evolution. We can witness how a better user experiences demand, better designer contributions.

Here, we have shared Dylan's optimistic outlook, and learn the benefits of educating clients with a fair and open approach to the design process. How that could help you is your own way of discovering the facts out of his observations and expertise.

Back to you

If you see it technically, much of the trends are not that new but their evolution is bringing up the improved versions. Most of them seem to exist, only to gain popularity in 2019. What must be practiced, is offering more intuitive, time-efficient and user-friendly designs.

Many organizations are hiring experts at designing. Techpro Studio has years of expertise in unique and innovative designing to help you scale the heights.

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