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Understanding Use of Mobile App As A Branding Tool

07th Sep 2020Posted by

Today, advertising is not the only mode of branding.  With digitalization, smartphones are replacing any other traditional scope of ads. Mobile apps are becoming an effective marketing solution. A mobile app is helpful in better customer service and good assistance for business.

Studies found that about 50% of customers who uses branded app have chances of buying from that company.

Apps can be used to better target a mass audience and is more effective than any other marketing channels. By mobile apps, there can be better conversion rates.

Businesses Are Getting Digital

As per reports, smartphones take about 70% of the mobile time spent and about 90% of that time is spent on various apps.

Brands have learned about the potentials of mobile application and which is just not about selling services or products. This is a discovery that has opened new avenues.

Studies found that internet usage on a desktop is lesser in comparison to mobile internet usage, which is instead rising.

Mobile apps with various technologies ingrained are a powerful marketing channel for businesses. It helps to connect better with the audience, convey the right message, keep customers engaged, and build customer loyalty.

Advantages of Mobile Apps As A Marketing Tool

Mobile applications influence marketing in many ways. below are mentioned how it benefits.

  1. Increase brand awareness and visibility
  2. Form a connection with your customers
  3. Collect Data about Customers
  4. Increasing Customer Loyalty
  5. Scaling up your target Audience
  6. Increasing Sales Ratio
  7. Social Network Marketing through apps

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making A Mobile App for Brands

There are many more advantages to the mobile application. You can make a unique app and make your customers download that app and get benefit from that.

Statista says that about 25 percent of the app can be used only after being downloaded. So how can you make sure that people will come back to your app for more?

There are some common mistakes that you must avoid to make your app a marketing tool.

Here are some potential hurdles that you must take care about.

The App Provides No Value to Users

An app comes with a solution or scope. If your app is not good for your customer, then it won't meet your purpose. If your app is just for placing ads on the user's mobile, this won't work. A good app must be useful to its users in one way or another.

The App Doesn't Give Any Special Offer

Why you need a business app? To create brand awareness and build customer loyalty. If your app doesn't give any offer or discount, or any benefit for app usage, it is obvious customers will abandon your app.

The App is Difficult to Use

What can be a good app? Its convenience and intuitiveness determine how good an app is. If the app is complicated to use, no matter what good feature it has, people won't like it.

Lack of Updates

Technology is changing and your app must be in pace with advancements. If you make changes in your marketing strategies, website design, or anything in your branding practice, make sure that you bring the changes in your app as well. 

The App Cannot Give More Than The Desktop Experience 

If your app is just a handy version of your desktop, then you haven't leveraged your application to the standard of marketing. A good app must provide exclusive information and features. 

An App Without A Personalized Experience

Today many content are available and people are losing long retention time. If you don't provide anything that can touch your users or stir their interest, your application cannot work best.

When you have app that can send a personalized message and push notifications, this will earn more customer loyalty.

How to Start A Mobile App Marketing Strategy?

If you have a marketing plan with your app, your app making requirement must be different. There are many types of purpose which you must bank on, here are some crucial ones that you must keep in mind before getting your app for branding.

Acquisition: Make sure that your customers install your app, share information, and come across a variety of features that adds value to their life. 

Engagement: Your app must be able to have better engagement with customers, they feel comfortable and convenient and keep coming for more.

Conversion: Besides engagement, your app must be able to convert more.

Then you have to methodize your product pricing. Product pricing strategies help make your app visible and appealing to people. The app monetization methods determine your product success in terms of how many downloads it has and user retention. It is important to consider the costing and value, estimate the demand, and analyze the costing of user acquisition before determining the pricing model.

Making a branding application is a thing but you must also know the challenges of an app being used in marketing.


Mobile app marketing is growing and the small businesses and the individual entrepreneurs initially face some issue with this.

We are a Utah based company into brand marketing. We develop impeccable solutions that will help your business and customers.

With our penchant for a simple and intuitive user interface, our apps are created just as clients want.  From cataloging all products in one place and making them easily accessible to your customers, we build stylish online storefronts and can highlight offers and discounts such that your customers don't miss out on any important announcements.

A mobile app is can connect a wide number of users across the world. If rightly done, this can be one of the best branding tools.

Choose any gsm jammer that suits you in terms of functionality and your needs and always be protected!

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Understanding Use of Mobile App As A Branding Tool
Understanding Use of Mobile App As A Branding Tool

Today, advertising is not the only mode of branding.  With digitalization, smartphones are replacing any ...

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