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Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing Can They Work Together?

20th Jan 2020Posted by Admin

Since the first TV advertisement aired there have been loads of television ads. For a long time, TV, radio, print, and films were the primary medium of marketing advertising for products and unless now when technology has evolved a lot and bringing the new era of digital marketing.

Well, but when old do not fade completely and new takes up the pace, there is always a debate between the two. Indeed, the question could be why to choose between the two and why not use both? This debate is quite old and would last longer, finally, everything comes to the point that best suits your company, you must opt for it, maybe both in collaboration. Let's find out.

Traditional Marketing

This is the kind of conventional practice and has nothing to do with online. This includes broadcast, print, direct mails, phone, and billboards advertising. These modes of marketing help reach the targeted audience.

Traditional marketing is not just the old way of marketing but is also the most researched one. This is the most tried and valued method of advertising your products and services. We all come across the traditional kinds of advertises in our daily life through newspapers and direct mails. This conventional approach of marketing will help reach out to the local audience. The advertises can be kept for a longer duration and also it is easy to reach out to the audience in comparison to online marketing.

Digital Marketing

Whereas, digital marketing strategy is everything about advertising and marketing is done digitally. This includes, paid social media to advertise, PPC advertising and email marketing. Today digital marketing is quite popular because of cultural, societal and technological shifts that are happening around us.

Sponsored tweets, promoted Instagram or Facebook posts, influencer marketing, and video advertising are various ways of digital marketing. When you Google “What is Podcast?” is a proof of effective digital marketing.

With the world becoming digital, and sometimes online marketing is very cost-effective than the conventional ways, it is the best way to connect with the audience globally.

Digital marketing is quite essential for businesses today. Today, in Utah many consumers carry out online research and also make purchases over the internet. You can buy clothes, order food and schedule appointments with a doctor, just digitally.

Next comes the question, what to opt for:

Traditional or Digital marketing?

 'Traditional vs. Digital' Marketing

In traditional marketing, businesses identify their audience and place advertise so that their consumers can see and interact with them with a physical presence. As prior mentioned, the various approaches are with billboards, print ads, or TV advertisements. Whereas, digital marketing is all about online presence and uses organic or paid ads on various social media platforms and search engines, also makes use of influencer marketing, email marketing, and video marketing, just naming a few. 

Well, traditional marketing has some limitations.

  • Lack of or little interaction between businesses and consumers to whom they sell their products.
  • You cannot find them on social media, therefore you cannot ask about the availability of a product in their store.
  • Nowadays, many marketers find this kind of marketing unreliable. Without the scope of editing a print, you cannot make necessary changes is required.
  • Traditional marketing is also quite pricey.

Though in some businesses, traditional marketing is significant yet it is digital marketing that brings more revenue. Most businesses report more consumers and revenue from social media marketing.

With digital marketing, businesses can keep a look and have control over the growth of the audience and witness real-time results of various campaigns.

There are also some limitations to digital marketing as well.

  • Digital marketing is technology-based and technology may break at times.
  • At times social media sites go down and you have to wait for your scheduled post to go live. That is an inconvenience and you have to bear with.
  • The security concern is another big deal to overcome. Post the Facebook scandal, where private information of 87 million profiles was leaked, others are taking measures to ensure security to customers. 

Every social platform update is a kind of new learning for developers and marketers. These must be learned and applied in their business strategies.

Can the Two Collaborate?

Of course yes! The two, both traditional and digital marketing can be combined in business strategies.

For instance, if a company uses print ads that will be much liked and appreciated by the older generations who are more habituated to it, while the younger generations that rely mostly on social media platforms will welcome social media marketing and ads.

You can also use the conventional approach of marketing to enhance digital marketing. For instance, you can share information on the local newspaper with social media links, where people can find more information regarding a product or service. 

So what should be the right approach to decide wisely? Instead of considering the scenario as traditional marketing vs digital marketing, the exact thing must be applying both the tactics effectively, as it happens.  A few businesses may benefit from traditional marketing, some may find digital marketing easier while if you collaborate both the tactics, then that will benefit most of the businesses.

At the Utah advertising agency, we look after both traditional and digital marketing strategies. To collaborate with us.

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