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Tips and Tricks to Create A Great Online Presence

29th Apr 2020Posted by

This world is continuously evolving, so also the business landscape. To wear success, a business owner must embrace the dynamics and transformations.

With today's digital transition, it is necessary to expand your presence from local and physical boundaries to the online world. 

Let's assume there are two friends, each with businesses in retails. One of them is yet following the old and restricted mode of setting one to one connection within your physical boundary, telling about business through word of mouth or old medium like a newspaper. This helps him gather customers but within a limited zone. Whereas, his friend took to social media platforms like Facebook to enhance his reach and his business is fast growing across the globe. Therefore, we can see that embracing social presence he created a digital footprint besides having a local presence.

With numerous platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, why to hold back yourself? The scope is vast and it is easy and accessible. Just you must know the tips and tricks to create your digital presence and be consistent.

If you are not web-savvy, building an online presence can be bothersome and also very confusing and cause frustration. You don't have to worry anymore. You will learn about the tips and tricks to build your social media presence once you reach the bottom of this read. Let's begin.

Follow These Tips to Create A Nice Online Presence and Watch Your Business Grow

  • The Key Focus Must Be On Your User's Convenience

When you are designing your website, keep the focus on user experience.

Keep it simple and alluring with logical links.

The design must be appealing to eyes, with the right color combination, readable fonts, and engaging visuals.

Keep an eye on page loading time and remove any unnecessary plug-ins that may reduce speed.

  • 100% Secured Website

For business websites, safety and security play a crucial role. Your customers will do payments online and provide personal information and that demands the best method to protect the data.  It is essential to collaborate with any reliable and reputed security service provider for furthering the protection of every data.

Display properly the security assurance of your website. This will help establish people's confidence and trust.

  • Be Informative with Your Blogs

Make your blog section, machinery to share information and keep it interesting. Tell your business or brand story and share insights about high-quality products or services your brand offers.

Try and create brilliant customer-oriented content to show your support and presence for them.

Your blog section can help you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers and create your online community.

Also, you can share your business or domain knowledge and appear as a knowledgeable person with a flair in business. Be consistent with your content and its quality.

It is important to publish content consistently. Juggle your content with different categories to keep it interesting for readers. You can share interviews, tips and tricks, short and simple guides, infographics, case studies, and various formats of content.

  • Get Mobile

When you are planning to go digital, you have to emphasize more on the mobile format.

The competition is more and mobile format offers the convenience of sharing information about services and products better.

Pages not optimized for tablets and smartphones will have longer loading times and difficulty in viewing, and this will alienate mobile users. 

Mobile-friendly content helps in your SEO ranking as well.

  • Take to Guest Posting and Enhance Your Reach

Once your website starts getting good traffic, it is a good idea to contribute as guest authors on reputed websites. You can share your domain expertise, or about your products and services and conquer the world.

Write for websites with a nice reader community and who may migrate to your site. Do not waste time with websites that have a lesser audience reach than yours.

To start, you have to read their guidelines to pitch a write-up. This will vary from one publication to another, so you must analyze it better. You can also look into other articles or blogs shared to get some ideas. You may go one length ahead to find the best picks by editors.

  • Choose Wisely The Social Media Channels

There are numerous social media channels, you must make the right choice that suits your purpose for business and reach out to your target audience.

Go for the top platforms to climb a success. The choice of platforms depends on your business specifications. Some brands cannot find an audience on YouTube or Instagram. Unsure about the medium you will fit? You can start with social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They are suited for most businesses and needs.

Similar to your blogging, you must be consistent with your social media posts for their attention. You can post short messages, organize contests, take polls and ask questions to your followers.

If you find it difficult to share content every day, you can repost from other nice profiles who share the same philosophy. The important thing is that you must keep posting regularly so that your notifications pop up uninterrupted in the newsfeed of your target audience.

  • Use Emails to Farther Your Reach

Though it sounds obsolete in comparison to social media, yet mailing is an effective channel for communication. Many web users check emails daily.

To get the best out of email, you must categorize your subscribers to send them customized emails.  Customize your message for every group so that it resonates with the people.

Also, pay attention to your email and their frequency. They must not seem like spam neither must they be after long gaps and your readers cannot relate with the topics.

  • Get Registered in Business Directories

Online directories help customers reach out to businesses of purpose and criteria. For instance, to find a reliable food delivery company in a city, you can find them in online listing sites  with the words "Food delivery" and "City name."

The directories are well trusted because they are mostly verified and reduces the risk of finding a bad provider.

You can start with creating profile on popular platforms like Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp and Yellow Pages to boost your website rankings, mainly in local search.

With systematic implementation of these tips, you are just a way away from building a strong online footprint.

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