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The Great Tips to Follow For Branding In 2019

19th Jun 2019Posted by Admin

Products are not just any product or raw material, they are more than that.

Pepsi is not just a soda. Starbucks is more than coffee. Ray-Ban is not just names of sunglasses.

When we interact with these products, we get an experience that remains in mind. The companies who make and them and sell, exactly knows what people may like. Hence they form the brand.                                                                                  

And owing to new technologies, people are getting new advertisements from different brands.

With such rapid competition, many brands are finding difficult to be at the top, consistently. And customers may cease to notice that several of the brands don't exist anymore now.

Here we share some surprising tips on parts of branding and how brands can remain visible for a long duration.

Here we go with the 5 trends to keep up with your branding strategy.

Branding with values

Today, the majority of customers are the target of all companies. And with this branding has taken a new turn.  What people seek are brands and their values.  If you want your brand to prosper, you must keep with your value and stick to it.  This is what Nike did with its “Just Do It" campaign.

Nike’s decision to make an ad with Colin led to a controversy and lead to several customers burning clothes from clothes. But the tagline, “Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything” showed the brand's value.

A survey of the UK and US customers revealed that the Nike's bold statement added more strength to its loyalty towards customers.

What do we learn?

Though Nike chose a controversial athlete and knew about the possible repercussions, yet they stuck to their values and proved how their motto “Just Do It" actually matters.

Customer-driven brands

This is a new kind of branding strategy and will continue in 2019. The main focus is that you make your customer your brand ambassadors and see that your brand image is carried out farther.

One significant example is the way Starbucks initiated its White cup contest in 2014.

The contest was to draw doodles on Starbuck’s cups and upload pictures with hashtag #WhiteCupContest. This generated about 4,000 pictures by customers and the winning cup was so popular that the brand started selling it.

What do we learn?

What the brand did is that it observed customers and their behaviors and responded in a way to encourage them.  As a result, the customers themselves made the brand popular in an act of showing their loyalty towards it. 

Branding campaigns with celebrities

It's an old tactic to connect with people by taking help of influencers.

This is why more and more companies are yet spending millions to get their logos on the uniform of cricketers, or on footballers.

Though it takes more of investment, to get title sponsorship of a play team, several companies are doing it and in the good count. This helps is getting out with maximum benefits from their relationships with celebrities.

What do we learn?

It is of great significance to choose the perfect influencer. It depends on how known the person is and how vast is his followership. It is always right to select a person who will be a perfect fit for your brand campaigning.

Go beyond digital

Today, branding is different. With digitalization, the concepts are changing and no more the way traditional ways are followed. This needs the mix of both the physical world and virtual elements to get the results.

One best example is Coca-Cola’s initiative – “coke freestyle machine.” A machine that allows customers to make their own drinks by mixing of different flavors. A fun-filled activity and keeping customers engaged. With this activity, the company gathered information about people's choices and made drinks with the most preferred flavor.

What do we learn?

We learn how to bring physical experience into the digital world and create a mixed influence.

Focus on micro and not on macro influencers

Influencer marketing is booming and it is getting seen. Where in SM, mainly Instagram, is becoming a powerful place where this trend is getting popular. It is known to us how much influencer marketing costs with SM celebrities and stars. Besides that, celebrities continue to influence the branding method. Nowadays, instead of working with macro influencers, companies have started to work with micro influencers. 

What do we learn?

It is a common belief that big influencer will help you.  But in several cases, micro influencers can be more engaging.  Moreover, they were normal people like us and not celebrities can resonate more with people.  Therefore, micro influencers are being the new trend with branding. 

Everything about marketing and branding is to create a longtime partnership. Brands must stand on their values and generate goodwill, no matter how controversial it may appear. The main thing is to know your audience and create the right ways and atmosphere to suit them.

The best brands today will mix both digital and physical experiences for creating momentum. Lastly, to say, micro influencers will be more effective in creating organic influence.

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