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The Emerging and Revolutionary Scope Of Entertainment Apps

13th Sep 2018Posted by Admin

The entertainment industry is making the best use of mobile apps to attract audiences.

Apps help you remain updated and have everything, with which you can sit, relax and enjoy. And the best thing is that you get them at just your fingertip. Every industry uses mobile apps but the entertainment industry is taking the most advantage of technology. The entertainment industry is all content, audience and keeps them engaged. 

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A study reveals that entertainment apps occupy the first 5 positions, among the top 10 used apps.

Entertainment apps are the trending apps

Some applications have become a trend nowadays and an essential part of life. Here we take a look at the trending ones:


An entertainment app with a huge range of various movies and sitcoms. This app can be connected to a TV and offers a good experience to viewers and has won the market, and is the world’s 10th largest company.


This app is handy to book tickets for movies, theaters, concerts, and stand-ups in India. It also keeps you updated about upcoming shows as per your choice of location.


A music app which allows you to listen to music, legally and save them for offline mode. With about 24 million users, this is a trending app in the music section.


With more than 1400 it attracts millions of audiences. You can access the videos from any mobile app. TED has its own radio which can be run on demand.


An app that permits users to upload GIFs, funny videos and images. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play and 4.6 rating, it has a good audience base.

How are mobile apps revolutionizing the entertainment industry?

They track the emerging trends

When there were no social media, it was not possible to keep a check on the trends or was quite difficult. When social media took to tracking the trends, now you remain updated with new trends.

If you choose to know about the latest games, movies, music, and series, the entertainment apps keep them on top of the chart.

A complete platform

Entertainment apps give a complete place to find music, movies, gaming, live streaming, etc. This allows many artists to exhibit their talent and create a good audience.

Spread and gather information

here social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have become a great information source. You can find there, the latest news, information about life hacks, and everything you would seek to find.


Brand promotions through apps are very effective. hence we see that several big brands have launched their own apps to help customers make purchases directly through the apps. As per the report, such brands have over 45% rise in sales. Even every small to mid-scale business is creating their own apps to take the advantages.

Access content globally

Entertainment apps allow easy content flow across the globe. Just you need to put your content on the apps and experience your audience flow from every part of the world.

For instance, Quora. This app permits you to answer several questions and also ask questions, from any part of the world.

Gaming and music

Gaming and music are now more accessible through the apps. Not only you can carry games in a pocket but also with a multiplayer option, it's really fun. This feature helps players to connect from across the globe through the internet and also has features like voice call and chat.

Initially, music was limited only to cassettes and radios but now apps make them available, anytime and anywhere. 

Audience engagement

Entertainment apps can bring forth a huge audience owing to its interesting features, content variations, and curiosities. Often the audience is the fans of big celebrities.

Mobile apps offer a chance to the fans to interact with their idols and keep a track of the happenings in their life.  Engagement is an important attribute of the entertainment apps.

Entertainment apps and the future

Mobile phones are handy and are increasingly gaining importance.  And with the growing demand for phones, mobile apps are also gaining significance. In general, the apps solve your problems and makes life easier, and among them, entertainment apps add to your ease.

Entertainment apps have all the reasons that bring them to the top even keeping aside the gaming apps.

With IoT, AR and VR, all are set to create more evolving entertainment apps to improve the user interface.

It is an opportunity for those in the industry of app development and you are trying to decide if app development would be an advantage. And if in doubt, know that the entertainment apps are one of the leading areas to try your creativity and ideas.

To summarize, entertainment apps are a good thought to invest into, to earn revenue and also for branding purpose.

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