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7 Progressive Web App Examples Brands Can Learn From

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13th Sep 2017Posted by Admin
How Balanced Human Resource Management Increases Company growth

Until recently, human resource management played the role of a ubiquitous entity, managing payroll, hiring professionals and taking care of disciplinary activities. While their work rotates around these basics, few companies started realizing that the role of human resource is much more dynamic and can be channelized into more productive ...

29th Aug 2017Posted by Admin
5 futuristic trends in mobile application development you shouldn’t avoid

With almost 180 billion of mobile application downloaded every year, smart phones are becoming the best gateway to infotainment (information+ entertainment). From giant names to small, everyone is eyeing on their own apps to outreach their targeted audiences. What’s new is the futurist approach of mobile apps? Off late, mobile ...

17th Aug 2017Posted by Admin
Why business should incorporate location-based marketing and proximity marketing in their business strategy

It’s a dependable fact that location based marketing is bringing changes in the way customers deal with brands around them. As per a report by the Location Based Marketing Association, 75% of advertisers consider location based marketing an essential component in formulating their business strategy. One of the essential reasons why ...

02nd Aug 2017Posted by Admin
5 Interesting Instagram marketing tips to boost your brand

If you are trying to garner attention on social platform, you should be on Instagram, and it is not a secret. With 700 million monthly active users as of April 2017 (and counting), the mobile photo sharing network is one of the most popular social media platforms across the world. ...

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7 Progressive Web App Examples Brands Can Learn From

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