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Influencer Marketing Is What You Must Know

26th Sep 2019Posted by Admin

Today online marketing has taken over conventional practices, PR and offline marketing campaigns. In this digital era, another form of capital is your audience and while influencers are the currency to drive your branding and generate revenue.

Studies reveal that investing in both conventional and online marketing will bring more ROI. Today, influencer marketing is an indispensable tool for most of the marketing departments globally, and as Linqia reported, about 90% of the companies have kept certain amount for influencer marketing in their expenditure plans.

More and more brands are doing partnership with the right kind of influencers because this practice promises good ROI, mainly in comparison to advertising through old school medium like print, television and radio. When done right, a marketing campaign led by an influencer marketer can earn about $6.50 on an average for every dollar spent, that depicts a ROI of about 550%. Whereas, brands top influential marketing campaigns, can earn approximately $20 and above, for a about 2000% ROI.

Are you considering to use influencer marketing for your brand? Here are some important tips and concept that you must know.  

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a tactic wherein you will use top social media influencers, specialized in their own niches, and assist in creating brand awareness, draw more traffic and share your brand's message to your audience. They already have ideal audience on various media and this strategy just helps in taking advantage of them.

The various media are the social media, columns, blogs, Youtube, digital and print ads. Today, influencer marketing is gaining popularity among businesses as conventional advertising is lesser effective in attracting more audience.

The main tactic of influencer marketing is social proof and word-of-mouth methods. We people usually trust our friends, peers, and people whom we admire than the companies selling products or services.

The place where influencer marketing thrives is the online social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more; instead of the old school broadcast media like radio and TV and these new media offers new ways to portray messages like using brand, memes, brand evangelism, and viral marketing. And eventually influencer marketing includes both organic and paid searches, while email-marketing is growing for faster customer acquisition.

Significant Influencer marketing tactics to build brand awareness

It is proven today that influencers can build opinions and mindset of people who follows them in their online communities. Anyway, success of influencer marketing is not automatic. If there is any mismatch between brand message, influencer and the audience, then it may create confusion. So, here we share some tips on some tips and tactics that will help you. Just you need to create your goals clear.

Key tactics to consider:

  1. You must opt for an influencer whom your potential customers listen and follow

You need to work on this to find out who could be your influencer and this is a prime tactic. There are several influencers whom you can approach, though it is overwhelming to have so many of them, but finding the right candidate for your brand is a difficult task.

What you must do is do self -assessment and also do some online research on influencers and their potentiality. The key is to find what suits you and your brand best.

You can consider these questions to get it sorted.

  • What is your area or niche and who would be your ideal customers ?
  • Is there any essential similarity between your customers and the audience that follow your intended influencer?
  • Will the audience of your influencer will fit into your buyer's profile?
  • Is the influencer admired by your audience too?
  • Can your brand message resonate among the audience of your influencer?
  1. Initiate contests and giveaways to inspire interest

Everyone likes contests and rewards. You must take advantage of this. You can join your influencer and initiate a competition or contest. Once competition is set, giving away rewards as kept in your budget is an essential part of influencer marketing. Exciting contests and enticing giveaways can start conversation and make more people visit your profile and engage.

With a B2C company, you can unbox a video and inspire your audience with expected rewards. While for B2B companies with SaaS space can bring out deals where they can use your product as demo and  game developers can get into partnership with an enthusiast player to film a walk-through.  

No matter what kind of reward you are planning, you can promote brand awareness with simple activities like inspiring to tag by your friends and followers.  

  1. Webinars, AMA sessions and podcasts with influencers are another good deal

Hosting AMA sessions and webinars-podcast with influencers are an amazing tactic.

Yes, marketing through webcasts is an always working tactic to increase brand awareness owing to the popularity of this medium and with advances in this area. It is a fact that most marketers take advantage of  webinars, podcasts and video to reach out to more audience. Where authenticity is a crucial factor, there when people see the influencer talking to them, that's a golden approach.

What you must do is take advantage of good audio-visual experiences and also allow your brand and the influencer to have own freedom to promote. Besides YouTube, other socila media platform that you can use are Instagram TV, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spotify and Snapchat.

  1. Research and find influencers of your niche

There will be several influencers, but you must do online research to find your niche personality and leverage the assistance. Well, to say a big influencer may not always mean a good influencer. Today, most of the brands use micro influencers who are more perfect than a celebrity who doesn't involve with a particular product.

Why to engage with a micro influencer?

  • They are more affordable in comparison to macro -influencers.
  • They are quite passionate about the niche and have domain expertise.
  • People tend to trust them because of their authenticity and being relatable humans.
  • They take their roles more seriously and involve in audience engagement to greater extent.
  • Always offer rewards to micro-influencers because they deserve a compensation.
  • Plan your campaigns together.
  1. Last not the least are the promo codes to generate leads and drive promotion

Your promos can include huge discounts to ebooks, online courses, services, products, and on any events. This endeavor act as magnets to generate leads and drive sales. Promo codes and exclusive coupons can help a lot.

How will they help? Let's see here.

  • Better audience engagement
  • Rewards to committed followers
  • Lead generation
  • Inspire real purchase

To say, this kind of marketing, say affiliated or influencer partnerships depends on promo codes and discount coupons.  

What can be more compelling is a unique takeaway, not found ion other's deals.

With its own drawbacks of traditional marketing , this new trend of influencer marketing has shoot up owing to its own advantages. Brands are ready to pay to influencers to earn the profits from this trend.

As social networking can influence in it best, influencer marketing is gaining prominence and always remember there micro influencers are best to reach out or partner with.

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