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How to Win Over Big Competitors in PPC?

10th Apr 2018Posted by Admin

Ever thought how your big competitors are constantly remaining on top and performing better every year in their Pay per Click campaign?

Until recently,   PPC has only been deemed to be the quickest and productive field of being on top of search result. But it’s more than just an Ad campaign. It’s simply a racing game where you beat your other competitors to get your ads placed on the right position at the lowest cost. Beating or bidding- in PPC the smarter you grab the insight of the process, the better chance you have to win over others and reach to your targeted goals.

If you’re new in this game and want to stay ahead of your big competitors, here are some effective strategies that will help you float on the surface.

Avoid making your consumers confused

Searchers barely go through the pages thoroughly-   they scroll in haste. Grabbing their attention in few seconds and driving them away with confusing headlines goes hand in hand.

When they find same headlines of several competitors, they suffer from choice fatigue. They might stop for a while thinking of almost similar headlines. You need to understand that your potential customers have too many choices on their plate; wit too many lookalike headlines they don’t find enough reason of choosing your Ad. This means similar headlines never earn clicks.

Using search keywords on the title was the best practice five years back. Well, now everyone’s doing this. In this case, Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) can play better role. However, it will also not work when too many advertisers start using them.

The best way is to research more on the search intent and create high impression DKI.

Drape Your Website with Big Brand Cover

When you dive into the competition, make sure your website looks no less than them.

It’s not about going upside down and deceiving your viewers with bombarded designs and content. But you can inspire them with innovation. To do that you need to update website. The website should be mobile-friendly and functional. It should have informative content and good look comes last but important.

Keep website update and maintenance in the loop. Every website needs to be updated once in every year to keep up with then pace. There are several instances of promoting a site with great Ad copy that drew massive clicks but the end result was always zero because it sewed doubts in the mind of viewers and was less ability to build trust.

If your website hasn’t been updated lately, it’s high time you look for a web design and development company.

Choose right Ad Copy Content:

Ad copy writing for PPC is more than just a creative piece. If you’re a creative person writing ad copy would be easier than the people with more technical knowledge. However, in case of PPC business data is all that required and how cleverly you can fit all business information into characters would be your creativity.

For an example, by visiting a car cleaning website, you come to know of these below information-

  • A local company with more than 10 years of experience
  • They offer eco-friendly cleaning solution
  • 20%  discounts on first booking
  • Sells Additional car equipment and accessory
  • They provide free cleaning quotation

These are great data and enough potential to reach out to targeted audience. But unless someone clicked to the site, they would never know these facts. Here comes the role of having great Ad copy that would encapsulate all these potential Ad elements into headline, snippet and callout section to make a saleable Ad campaign.

Get in touch with a skilled digital marketing agency:

Getting all of these above things done isn’t about a piece of cake when you compete with big brands in the PPC platform. In short, you need to-

  • Keep tab on the competitors
  • Regularly change and update your ad campaigns
  • Understand and foresee competitors’ activities
  • Scale and implement your business competitiveness.

Your company might be smaller but whenever you go competing with bigger brands you need a bigger PPC advertising agency to handle the campaigns. A team equipped with experienced digital minds is better assisting with Ad campaign complexities than expecting the same from a smaller one.

If you need PPC ad campaign assistance, you can contact with the experts at- http://www.techprostudio.com/contact.

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