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How to Use Instagram for App Promotion?

26th Sep 2018Posted by Admin

Instagram has emerged as the best, current day application for both entertainment and professional reasons. Instagram is not only about posting pictures. This a professional network for growing connections with celebrities, users, companies, brands, and influencers.

Only this week, Instagram has announced a sooner launch of a singular e-commerce application mainly to focus on shopping.

As per reports by Statistia, Instagram's advertising revenue through phone internet globally could cross the threshold of $6.5 Billion. And in the last 3 years or so, the Instagram app showed regular growth in the phone internet segment for advertising.

Now, several international brands have made their presence felt through this platform. If you happen to be new with your venture, who wants to increase audience outreach through media then no worries, you can make it successful through Instagram. What you have to do is share amazing qualitative content and be consistent in posting on the platform.

Here we share some main Instagram statistics which you must know:

  • There are more than 25 million Instagram business profiles and over 200 million users visiting at least one business profile regularly.
  • About 80% of users follow over one brand or business on Instagram.
  • About 60% of users come across a new product on Instagram.
  • After profile/post visit, over 70% of users take either like the post, shares the post, visit the link in bio, or make a purchase through the link mentioned.

Instagram has the highest interaction rate.

How to promote insta ads:

Today's article is not about brand promotion but a promotion of your application through Instagram Advertise or say the Instagram advertisements.

Usually, the  Instagram advertise for apps are sponsored posts which you come across while you scroll on own social media page. The main purpose of Instagram advertise is to inspire users to try your services and then make them your customers.

Types of Instagram Ads

There are 2 different types of Instagram advertising, namely ‘image’ and ‘video’ advertise. The average timing for a video and is just 30 seconds.

Another kind of advertise posts is carousel type, not much popular compared to the ones mentioned above and allows business to add several pictures and enable swipe option to view content. 

How  CTA helps in Instagram marketing

CTA and Instagram ads are very helpful. One popular CTA is 'Install Now' and that drives users into app downloading.

When a user clicks a CTA, he/she is directed to the app store namely, Apple App Store or Google Play Store. With about 10 more CTA options to choose,  besides 'install now', your scope is more with the CTAs. Some of them are:

  • Watch More or Watch Video
  • Sign Up or Book Now
  • Learn More

Promoting an app on Insta can be efficiently done with the above stated CTA options.

Why use Instagram for app promotion?

For your phone app promotion on social media places like Instagram, Facebook, and twitter you must maintain a schedule for posting, to be consistently posting and visible with the users.

The Instagram advertise are an amazing tactic to earn huge social media audience if you could target the right users.

Here we share some reasons why an Instagram app is good for business promotion:

Greater audience reach

Instagram users are your asset for your social media apps. The Instagram provides higher audience engagement and helps in interaction.

Specific audience attention

The Insta app provides single and focused post attention, because of the portrayal style which social media provides. The insta-advertise posts are shown in a format where the sponsored ad posts are shown between user's feed.

Targeting option in Facebook

After Facebook acquiring Instagram, the app users got a chance to access the amazing option of Facebook targeting. With this method, you can use your business page to reach more target audience. 

Amazing CTRs

Instagram offers amazing CTRs to the users and the CTR plays a significant role in app's position in the app store listing of iOS or Android app.

These ads give important ways on how to reply the answers to 'how to do app promotion on Insta'. The CTA buttons enable the users to click on the options, to learn about a specific service and application that is provided by the app.

To add to your valued and promotion, Instagram has started to test methods to add hashtags to posts and not as post captions. This would remove cluttering while maintaining discoverability. And must say you that the use of hashtag increases your visibility because people search through hashtags.

Hope it was a good read and you enjoyed learning about Instagram's role in app promotion to more audience.  Stay connected with us to know what is trending and new in social media platform.


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