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How Live Streaming A Powerful Tool for Branding?

06th Nov 2018Posted by Admin

The year 2017 found live streaming in a commendable way, as a powerful business and marketing tool for communication and the same continued for 2018. Every brand across the industries are finding that business live streaming is a good way to draw traffic and keep them engaged on your site.

It’s now time for you to think about brand’s live streaming strategy for 2019.

According to research, 80% of people would like to watch the live videos of a brand than reading a written blog. Keeping audience engaged with live video is quite significant in the B2B world that 73% of B2B businesses using live video reports positive results on the return on an investment made.

A study revealed the following:

  • Videos on social media bring 1200% more shares than what text and images together can combine.
  • 92% B2B organization use video in their online marketing strategy.
  • 52% of professionals, globally name video as the type of content with the best ROI
  • 73% of B2B organizations report positive ROI from video marketing
  • 59% of executive prefer to watch a video instead of reading texts, according to Forbes.

How live video helps you?

Live video is outpacing the growth of every other type of online video with 113% of ad growth every year.

Some findings:

  • 80% of audiences would prefer to watch live video from a brand than read blogs.
  • 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.
  • 78% of online audiences are already watching Facebook live video

Live video develops trust

Trust is an essential factor and consumers are very cynical about brands and advertising. As per a survey in 2017 by the McCann Truth Central, 42% of the Americans find companies less trustworthy, now than 20 years back.

And this is the challenge. Nowadays customers tend to buy from big names they can trust and then like as well, but trust takes time to grow. Live video is the best way to build and maintain trust through the entire life cycle of a consumer.

With help of live video, you will be able to show your company’s process and progress and show transparency and customers' accountability and get new fans.

Engage the audience with live videos

Live videos must be fun and interactive. Whether it is hosted on a website or streamed online to Facebook or Instagram, the important thing is to keep your customers engaged in real-time.

YouTube, Facebook, and Periscope increased your possibility of gaining more audience in real. These customers would like to engage with your site and will get notified about relevant events when you become live.

A budget for live streaming

To come up with a live video, what you need is an HD camera, good internet, and online presence. YouTube and Facebook allow live streaming for free, but with some limits. For a professional solution, Livestream is the right place to start before you take it to next level.

Behind the scene stories

Live streaming behind the scene is the best way to is humanize your company/brand. For instance, the Philadelphia Eagles use Livestream to show pieces and players' interviews.

Live video is also the best and more dynamic way to engage with your followers with a first-look knowledge of your service and product. It is a place to showcase every achievements and performance that your brand does and tells them how you stand out from the crowd.

Global announcements and meetings

In case you want to do business in announcing breaking news, come up with a novel product, or have to communicate with employees on a regular basis, live streaming could be the most efficient and affordable way of reaching your customers and employees globally.

Live streaming enhance connection with your employees, and spread a message beyond the boardroom.

WeWork has been a fast-growing company of 2018, with employees across the globe. With Live streaming, they connect with employees on various official issues and also stream their Creator Awards with the global community.

Live events

Publishing house like Texas Tribune has earned revenue by live streaming of events. Another instance is American Association of Advertising Agencies who with live streaming shared its annual ad industry conference, “Transformation,” witnessed 16,000 viewers joining their live event, with more than 25,000 viewers tuning for the content on-demand.

This says that Live streaming for your brand or business gives unparallel adjacency, genuineness, and essentially the results. Thinking about building your audience? Take the advantage of live video in the communication strategy of your business.


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