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How Artificial Intelligence Boost Your Email Marketing?

13th Mar 2019Posted by Admin

The buzz is that artificial intelligence is about to revolutionize email marketing. Experts are excited about the amazing possibilities of AI. And in another hand, several marketers don't know how to use AI as a solution.

As per eMarketer statistics, over 80% of retailers consider emailing as the best way to get new customers and retain old ones.

But the success of email campaigns depends on the strategy developed targetting the audience. It is essential to know that they actually interact with your emails, and respond by buying products or taking your services. In this respect, AI and machine learning do the most effective task for email verification, targeting audience and statistics, and scheduling as well.

AI is can predict the content and special offers that can influence conversions, and increase audience engagement. AI tools can find out the right frequency and the best time of day when your emails can catch the highest momentum.

Though AI is a new technology, yet it is influencing email marketing a lot. AI tools deal with optimization and making complex and big tasks, simple.

How Artificial Intelligence is bringing changes in Email Marketing

AI can personalize subject lines that are 95% better than the ones created by people.  The experts noticed that content done by machines keeps improving, and becomes more effective than that written by a human.

Machine learning enables marketers to forget about big segments, as they know when a particular recipient is inactive. It is not possible to do manually, but with AI, the task is simple.

Besides time, writing better subject line and improved content are the advantages.  Adobe has an integrated AI named Sensei for Adobe Campaigns. Sensei can write personalized subject lines and also improves other contents like images. With its algorithm, it can calculate how customers could respond to an image and find alternative solutions based on specific preferences.

Machine learning and AI are amazing solutions for A/B testing as well. A/B testing found optimized usage with AI and machine learning. Marketers can predict and detect the trends fast, takes into account small details which might go unnoticed.

What are best AI tools to optimize email campaigning?

With an advantage of customization, AI tools for email campaigning are less expensive and less time-consuming. Here we share names of some effective and reliable AI tools for your business benefits:

  1. Phrasee

Phrasee can enhance clicks and conversions by selecting the best email subject lines. Smart algorithms help to analyze content, predict responses, and choose styles that suit your business. What is good about Phrasee is that it makes all AI solutions good – the more it is sued, the more it understands your business and consistently learn new things.

This tool can make campaigning more engaging, choosing images and optimize the text content.

  1. Seventh Sense

An AI tool liked by all HubSpot and Marketo users. This track's the customers’ activity and makes a calculation for perfect delivery time. It can also customize the count of emails and frequency such that the recipients are not annoyed by the wrong count.

As per statistics, over 50% of consumers switch brands which don't have customized communications. A/B testing and multivariate testing helps the campaigns on various segments, and here AI tools perform better than the manual approach.

  1. Boomtrain

An AI tool designed for versatile contents. It customizes content for every user, increases engagement and clicks. Also, this can enhance your sales by selecting relevant content that that suits your audience preferences.  It has a function to analyze behavior, keep account of website activities, in mobile applications, or emails, creating a profile for every client and increase engagement.

It goes with specific habits preferences and habits, and no marketer has sufficient time to do all sorts of analysis, but this AI tool can do it.

  1. Optimal

This can automatically adjust the timing and content of your emails. It gives better output than conventional A/B testing. It will take your audience towards your business goals, find out their online activity and monitors social media shares and purchases.

  1. Siftrock

An AI tool that can be integrated with your automation platform and manage reply to your emails. It records new replies and finds links to the new database. You can also know when someone unsubscribes your brand.

E-mail marketing is quite time-consuming and a herculean task as well. It requires lots of manual adjustment and analysis of huge data. Technologies like AI and machine learning transforms all the huge and tedious tasks easier and simple, and yield results that would be tough to achieve.

In other words, AI makes you a better email marketer, expands your reach and helps you to know audiences' behavior and choices.

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