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How App Store Optimization Tools Very Crucial To App Discovery?

20th Dec 2018Posted by Admin

To get your app discovered among millions of mobile apps in the major app stores is a big challenge for mobile app developers or developing companies. If you’re in the landscape of mobile development, it is essential to understand various methods of app marketing. Here we share a significant technique called app store optimization or ASO. Technically, this is optimization of app marketing with a title, keywords, icon, description, etc. such that it ranks high in app stores and be part of SEO of apps.

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Why is ASO important?

Forrester suggests that 63% of apps are discovered via app store searches. Making searches in an app store is the most obvious methods of discovering and downloading new apps. In simple words, if not using ASO to increase the ranking of app search, you’re missing out on the largest discovery channel available to your app.

Here we shall see in more details about ASO and the types of ASO tools that exist.

Let's start with understanding what is optimization of app marketing copy and keywords. Then we shall discuss the available ASO tools and learn about a few in details.

Optimization of App Marketing Copy

This deals with everything not in text mode, like app screenshots, the app’s icon, and preview video. Often users tend to download an app or scroll away just at the appearance of preview video or screenshots.

But there is a specific way to optimize your asset; the screenshot must fit in an app store, properly cropped and portray the appropriate features.

Optimization of Keyword

This includes every text on your app, from title to description. Besides Keywords, a proper writing of content is a must because you have to satisfy users why they must download the app, in just fewer words. Good content and choosing the right keywords is crucial for getting your app ranked better. 


Types of App Store Optimization Tools


1) App Store Data platforms

Data allows app companies to rank their apps and connect them with users. There are companies which supply app companies with app data, namely Apptopia, Sensor Tower, App Annie, and Priority. They can interpret mass data from iTunes and Google Play like. Some platforms also offer to try before you purchase an app. 

Here is an App Annie data chart of top countries and the expected number of app downloads from 2017 till 2022.

2) Keyword Trackers

These tools supervise and obtain performance data of specific keywords give app developers keyword analysis and gives suggestion on optimization of elements like keywords, title, description and offer an API to use app changes on the various app stores. They also give data on keywords rankings.  To name a few keyword trackers are, App Radar, and  App Tweak. Also, they give app developers with an option of localization of app store for better mobile app ranking over various app stores.

3) Agencies to optimize App Store Ranking

The above platforms only give you data and companies like ASO Project, PickASO and The ASO Co. does tracking stats and optimize themselves to deliver a report about app performances.

Another essential tool is A/B testing.  To mention, Gummicube provides live focus groups for A/B testing of a store page. SplitMetrics and StoreMaven offer variations on A/B tests and SplitMetrics provide ASO consultations.

Whether you carry out keyword optimization, A/B tests, or track marketplace for a competitive edge, here we share a list of optimization tools to help you discover your app.

List of ASO Tools

This list showcases some tools with various functions covering all aspects of app store optimization and this list is not based on any ranking.

  • ASO Tools for App OptimizationGummicube
  • App Radar
  • App Annie
  • Lab Cave
  • Tune
  • Appfigures
  • SensorTower
  • PreApps
  • StoreMaven
  • TheTool
  • PrioriData
  • ASODesk
  • AppCodes
  • AppTopia
  • Mobile Action
  • SearchMan
  • Keyword Tool
  • AppScatter
  • AppTweak
  • SplitMetrics
  • io
  • RankMyApps



Gummicube gives content optimization, analytics software, group testing, app reviews and analysis of ratings to boost up organic downloads.

App Radar

This helps mobile apps to increase organic reach in app stores. This is an excellent SAAS platform with features for improving search rankings faster and easier. This allows to get real data and get an accurate app store keyword rankings, optimize metadata for both Google Play and iTunes Connect on its dashboard, find AI-based keyword suggestions and various optimization tips.

App Annie

An app analytics and app market data platform providing business intelligence tools help app companies and developers in decision-making. App Annie’s ASO helps with measuring, testing and optimizing keywords to improve the app's discovery and influence downloads.

Lab Cave

An ASO and Ad Mediation solution for games and mobile apps from the Fibonad Group. They help in the best organic downloads.


This is an attribution platform also involved in app store analysis and in-app marketing. This ASO tool enhances organic results by optimizing app store assets. The main attributes are a suggestion of keywords and track rankings, estimate installed apps, track competition, and real-time event call-backs.


Appfigures offers Appbase catalog with data on 9 million apps. this also offers sophisticated app tracking capabilities


An ASO and intelligence platform for app developers. With this tool's exact data and tracking abilities, you can have better mobile app’s visibility on Google Play or App Store and the feature of keyword translation translates app's keywords into various languages and enhances downloads globally.


This connects mobile user and apps which would come to market sooner. The team will optimize an app for search algorithm of app stores to enhance exposure and ranking. In the last 6 years, PreApps helped apps to reach more than 550,000,000 downloads till now.


StoreMaven main purpose is to evaluate the results of your AB testing to give the best kind of results. The company claims to help big names like Zynga, EA, OpenTable, and Warner Brothers.


A complete ASO and app-marketing platform and happens to be the best performance based tool to all app store. Its function is to track installs, conversion rates, keyword rankings, and more, all shown on the UI.


An app- market intelligence and competitor tracking service to keep a knowledge about the performance of all apps in every app store. 


Priority provides several app marketing solutions like Keyword Intelligence, App Intelligence that tracks app’s performance of own and of the competitors across the market.


This gives app companies,  three ASO-specific products like Keyword Explorer, Keyword Analytics and Keyword Charts and Competitors. This offers marketing automation for ASO.


They provide several ASO tools for developers to enhance app discovery. They offer a tool for keyword prediction to highlight the keywords of competitors and a tool that can predict the actual position of an app in an app store for a keyword, allowing app companies to remain ahead of the competition.


Mobile Action

An excellent user acquisition service for mobile developers. They offer easy-to-use dashboard, track competitors, recommend actions. This is effectively used by 160k customers in 65 countries


An ASO tool that enables app makers to enhance their store visibility, improve app rankings and generate organic downloads. This allows potential keyword and search Ads tools with data required to monitor, audit and optimize app's discovery.


This is a big data tool to enable developers, boost the app’s visibility in app stores. With this, you can get data-driven keyword suggestions and give out updates to enhance search rankings improve your app visibility and get the sense of your app's discovery.

Keyword Tool

This is a web extension to help find keywords which people use in app store search boxes, to do an ASO. This helps to find an app using the keywords on app title and description. 


This platform allows brands, developers and digital agencies for distribution of mobile apps on various multiple app stores, download data, collect sales and check rankings and reviews.


This is a tool for game publishers and mobile app marketers to A/B test and dose optimization of app store pages to get maximum conversion. Its key features include advanced targeting, tracking competitor conversion and app store screenshot designer tool.


This offers app data and market intelligence for Sky, Miniclip, and the BBC via its web-based interface and two free plans.


RankMyApp is an ASO tool for app review analysis and paid user acquisition. With over 12 client countries, across the globe, this helps app companies to optimize every part of marketing copy like name, icon, description, keywords, category, screenshots, and also to track the competitors.

Now, after getting an overview of the ASO tools for your app, it will be helpful for you to enhance your app's discovery in an app store. You can use various tools in combination to reap more benefit. Tell us about your insights on App Store Optimization tools and what is your strategy to improve the visibility of your app.

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