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Future Trends in Mobile Application Development

28th Aug 2018Posted by Admin

Time is changing and new technologies and methodologies are evolving with pace. With upcoming technologies, new programming languages and better programming models, the mobile developers have to remain upgraded with knowledge and their products. To know more, keep reading.

We share a list of some trends which are likely to rule the era of mobile app development in the future:

  1. Wearable devices

Wearable devices are big opportunities for sellers and app developers. Also, this intrigues the makers of accessory too. The wearable devices include sensors for healthcare, smart jewelries, watches and sensors inserted in garments and footwear. The devices sync with mobile apps and send information in several ways.

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The Augmented Reality and the Virtual Reality came as a game changer and added new dimensions to the technology industries. You can relate how AR technology gave flight to Pokémon Go and also helps you track down eateries, in your surroundings. With the evolution of Virtual Reality, you can witness wonders. Currently, Facebook's Oculus Rift, Vive headset by HTC, Samsung’s Gear VR headset and PlayStation VR by Sony, have promises for a better market.

  1. Mobile connected smart objects

The smart home concept is gaining place in the market of domestic objects. Now use your smart phones as a remote control, to give orders, subscribe, merge with social platforms to look after things.

For example, Google owns Brillo and Nest which targets IoT based automation products for home, like a camera,smoke-alarm and thermostat. And, Brillo comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Android related things. The Home Kit by Apple and Amazon Echo show that there is gradual and consistent progress.

  1. M-Commerce

Experts and analysts are of the opinion that trends in mobile buying are growing and consumers would adapt to e-commerce. With Google Wallet and Apple Pay, you can make purchases with phones and not cards, be debit or credit. This makes the developers create a mobile app that can carry out transactions through a phone. With the presence of wearable, payments can be processed and hence m-commerce would emerge new.

  1. Movement and destination sensors

With the beacon technology, your regular activities are now hassle-free. The app can check your position and helps you get the best resource near to you. Whether be navigation or buying your groceries, now it's easy with your mobile apps. This motion recognizing app fulfill purposes like, anti-theft, security and games too. In coming years, more customised services and information would be revealed.

In the coming future, you can see a huge increase in Smartphone users and in the making of various apps. Only time can say how the mobile app would develop and the upcoming trends will show how the market with surviving, flourish and produce good revenue.

  1. Application Performance Management (APM)

The collective APM now improves your testing and assures the quality. APM helps to make app functioning visible, gives device statistics and OSs which are considered, and monitor's user behavior to decide about which app feature to make use of.

It is true that the mobile app is both an essential and integral part of the digital landscape. The app building skills are gaining demand and are taking mobility in an authentic way. The various app making agencies must remain updated with the emerging trends to make new strategies and plans for app development.

With our dedicated team of app developers, we are adaptable to new changes and is competent to deliver the best of results in the domain of mobile application development.

If you need any help to plan a good strategy for mobile app development, you can feel free to talk to us.

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