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Few Buzzing Tricks to Create Contagious Social Marketing

30th Mar 2018Posted by Admin

By now, we all know what the term ‘viral’ means to social channels. Netizens are going bonkers to create viral content. They binge on it. This is why amidst of zillion of pieces  only few of them get shared and liked over a million of times in no time. Marketers generate massive amount of content every day just to get the attention of the mass to get viral. But it is not many brands can achieve the spotlight.

Well, creating viral social content has never been easy. There are few tricks not everyone cares to follow but who do assure to generate massive amount of responses. So here are they-

Be more than just an informer. Be an insider:

In this world of social channels there is hardly anything that people are not aware of.  People will always show more interest in things that give them more insight. Most importantly, your content should give enough credibility among young zone that they life to share within. For an instance, a leaked image of new gadget or the first update from the tech world. So this is how your crafted content should make be more insightful and not just a piece of news.

Link your brand ideas with daily lives of your audience:

If you can link your brand message to the topic people talk about every day, you will win half the way. It also would be far better and easier for you get the attention. For an instance if you add an image of a burger just like McDonalds, people will find it more interesting to go through. Because you need to understand that these brands have etched deep to the daily lives of people.

Fire up emotions, the best way to triggering reactions:

Content that evokes emotions, be it negative or positive always better than the one that doesn’t. Content that will stir up emotions will be always shared by them.  So while planning for the content, it’s important to keep the emotions in mind of your audiences.

Be in the time: People love trendy stuff:

Gen x loves to be in the trend. Whether it is the move from Gangnum Style or memes, you need to make sure that you brand messages takes the shape of what is trending. While crafting content keep the trendy flavor throughout the body. Imitating things is easy hence it can make big hit in your niche.

Tell a story: The best way to lure them:

People love stories. It is as simple as that. No matter what age they belong to netizens will always show more interest towards the story than few flat words just asking them to buy something. So while planning for the content, you should create story keeping your ideas in the core.

Well, now when you know the tricks, you can make the content that way and get ready to get your likes and comments gushing through the way. If you find it bit tricky, you can leave that work on our shoulder. We have social butterflies working constantly to keep our clients on the board and ready to catch what they want. To know more contact us.

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