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Chalk out your digital marketing strategy for 2018

07th May 2018Posted by Admin

When we look back at our digital marketing plan in 2017, it seems like yesterday when we’re all busy chalking out the best suited strategy for our clients. But we’re already heading towards the mid of 2018 and a lot of things are going to change. But if you haven’t already made any plan for your prospective clients, take a look at this blog to start afresh.

So here it goes-

Competitor analysis:

How you have been analyzing your competitors lately needs to be altered a little. It’s a great opportunity to dig deeper of your competitor’s business perspective.

These questions will help you sort it out-

  • How your marketing strategy is different from them?
  • What great things you’re doing and they’re no and vice-versa?
  • How are they setting their USP?
  • What are the better sides and could have been better?

Previous performance standard:

Looking into your past mistakes gives you better insight on taking immaculate business decision. You know better what strategy is retrieving responds and what’s not working. Once you get list of what’s working and not, it will help you in great deal in setting your goal.

The targeted audience:

By this time, you know your targeted audiences. But this time, for the coming year, you got to know something more about them. You know the mass percentage of your targeted audience and their demands. But did you know the personas of your targeted audience? Persona is more than just demographical, it includes the potential characteristics of your users that together form up your targeted consumers.

For an instance, if you want to promote maternity wear and unmarried women are included differently in your demography setup as you wanted to target middle aged mothers, can affect big time on your brand messaging.

The Purchasing cycle:

Reading intent of your buyers is very crucial in terms to gain deeper insight on the purchasing cycle. As you plan for your strategy, make sure you check every stage that completes the conversion rate. Most often, we become happy seeing a conversion but we fail to ensure if that conversion will be returning in future. So to ensure sustainable conversion rate, here are some general points to focus on-

  • How long does it take to transform a customer into a consumer?
  • What are the maximum generated search queries on your site?
  • At which stage of buying process customers are dropping off?
  • How can you drive high traffic?

When these questions are answered, you will have a robust strategy piece ready for the next step. And the next step is-

Customized goals:

You have goals and we know that. But it won’t be of any use unless it’s specific. Most of the times when you’re asked what business goals mean to you, you say it’s just the growth and great profits. But how much you’re meeting your goals?

Of course, the cornerstone of your goal should be earning profitability but it should be specific and different with your different products and services. If you have multiple products on the list, the goal should be separate for each product. By this you will be able to reach out to your targeted audience faster.

Collaborating with modern devices

Our genre is device centric thus it’s important to k now which device is playing successful roles. When your strategy breaks down to device level, you can take a look in details to create device centric successful strategy that foster growth.

Social promotions:

No matter how good you have been in promoting your brand on social media platforms, but there is always something extra to be achieved that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Most companies don’t have their social media calendar set beforehand- they always prefer to bring out ideas on the day before posting. But having a full promotion calendar helps in running consistent promotional campaigns without any lacking in content bank.

Remember, aforementioned points are very potential only when you implement it on time. So in this case, we suggest you to outline your strategy from now on so that you can enjoy smooth drive to next level. Digital marketing for 2018 is all about redefining concepts and strategies of yesteryear.

If you want to have a comprehensive digital marketing planning, you can contact at

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