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Best SEO Trends That Will Rule the Roost in 2018

29th Jun 2018Posted by Admin

SEO has never been a ride on a toy train, rather on roller coaster. With more than 200 Google algorithm updates, the game of SEO is always difficult. You need to keep tab on the newest trends revealed by Google that always focuses on making the search experiences better.

Some rules make noise even before they’re imposed by Google, while a few work silently until we see any drastic change in the rank. So, let’s take a look at the top most SEO trends that are going to rule the roost in 2018.

Mobile optimization:

Mobile is undeniably an integral part not only of our daily life but also of marketing. With almost 60% searches made first on mobile, mobile SEO is going to be in the list of highest priority in 2018. To make it clear, mobile optimization is not only about creating compatible UI &UX website that fits into screen of smart devices, but a lot more than that. Mobile optimization means everything such as content, design, navigation and site loading speed. It’s a process to ensure the visitors will enjoy seamless mobile experience.

Here’s another point that most people tend to confuse with that both mobile and desktop SEO are same. But this isn’t. Here’s how desktop SEO and mobile SEO is different.

  • Mobile search algorithm uses different quality signals to bring ranks
  • Search behaviors are usually different on mobile
  • Mobile search algorithms often change with the location factors
  • Mobile SEO requires different set of engagement specification

Putting simply, mobile SEO means leveraging designs for flexible interface structuring, enabling images, CSS or JavaScript, good structured data, and reducing redirection to improve page speed.

Featured snippets:

Almost 30% Google results have featured snippets. Featured snippets may not be directly related to ranking but it drives massive traffic. You can also stand a chance to get featured by Google at the top of the result by putting information rich snippets.

Here’s a short guide of writing feature enriched snippets that Google may like.

  • Focus on general questions that the visitors may have regarding your specific service or product and try to cover all the points.
  • The content should be terse and snippet specific
  • Consider FAQ section for your website

It’s not very easy to form snippets that can help you get featured by Google, but you can make it happen when you know that Google only loves you when visitors love you.

Voice- Search:

‘Show me the nearest café shops’.

Well, this is not someone asking his friends to show him a café, but asking the same to Google. By now, we all know the fact of voice search. Google claims that almost 20% online queries are generated by voice searches. The percentage will increase more in coming years. If you want your websites to come first based on voice search, here’s what you need to do-

  • Create content with the tone that includes generic voice searches
  • Include phrases and long term keywords
  • Local listing optimization
  • Local listing optimization
  • Improve site speed

Content marketing and social media:

You cannot ignore the importance of content marketing no matter how many times it has been discussed in the yesteryear. This year also, SEO experts will more focus on content curation than anything. Let’s take the most important takeaways to create content in 2018-

  • More information than promotion.
  • Infographics are still the best way to catch the break
  • Publishing e-books
  • Video content is MUST

Social media promotion is another thing to ponder over. Every minute, thousands of posts are shared on different social media platforms. And it’s not very easy to withstand the massive competition. Hence, content marketing should be the ultimate weapon to grab the attention in social media channels.

Artificial Intelligence:

One of the most talked about topics in last year. Artificial Intelligence is shaping in way we interact with the machines. Before we dig deeper into how AI will impact on SEO in 2018, let’s first talk about what AI is actually.

AI is a science specially designed after human intelligence for machines to complete tasks such as voice recognition, face recognition, planning and problem-solving.

Similarly, Google has AI configured algorithm RankBrain that provides the most accurate result based on the search queries. If you follow these bellow points, you can easily cope with RankBrain’s process-

  • Elaborated content that satisfies user’s search intent
  • Positive insight on the service or product
  • Optimizing content in terms of voice search


SEO changes as every year search engines bring new rules and change the existing. It’s all about keeping up with the trends to adapt the change. But, it takes right strategy that will work.

If you need someone to help plan a good strategy, you can feel free to talk to us.

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