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Apps that are based on IOT are going to rule the next decade

27th Mar 2018Posted by Admin

Well, you have already heard of IoT a lot of times now, but let’s start this blog with a customary definition. So, IoT stands for Internet of Things. It means enabling physical device and smart devices with technologies to exchange data. This is just the infant definition of the whole universe of IoT.

Now IoT is more than just a buzzword. It’s coming up in tech news every now and then with one reason or another. Experts say that it’s just at its infancy but already making massive changes in our everyday life. Although the changes are slow but steady.  If you want to see tangible effect of IoT, mobile application development is molding into the shape. You can see enormous mobile apps of wearable gadgets like belts, watches, glasses and even other non-wearable objects are leveraging this application.

What technology does best already did- merging lines between virtual and real life.

How IoT is integrated with Mobile Application

Before you delve deeper into this mysterious term, you need to know that IoT is all about maneuvering the ‘Things’ referring almost every physical element. If you’re not able to get your head around then the best example of IoT integration is the home automation system which we call ‘Smart Home’. It’s a smart process to get your home appliances enable with technology using IoT integrated mobile application.

Here all major home electronics like lighting, security, heating, air condition and even cooking devices can work without the need of manual operation. How they work? Actually, appliances like these are connected with cloud based technology that is operated by the IoT integrated mobile application that sends instruction to those programmed device from the app users. Interestingly, mobile application is not only confined into smart phones but wearable smart gadgets like smart watch, eye glass are being used to take this interconnectivity to a new level.

How IoT is helping many industries?

In the age of IoT enabled environment, home automation is not the only example to be discussed. The scope has penetrated into many sectors, including enterprise, healthcare and to name a few.  The way IoT works change when it comes to the different enterprise operations. Experts say that, businesses are yet to discover the true potential of IoT and only then there will be equal utilization of this hyper-intelligent technology.

Daimler is a German auto manufacturing company that is using IoT in their vehicles for safer and more efficient on road service. For an instance, most of the Daimler lorries are IoT enabled and programmed with emergency break assistance, lane keeping assistance with 3D maps and proximity control. All these features not only make their cars modern breed but also help drivers to drive safer than ever before.

IoT role in healthcare industry is another exemplary option. The boon of IoT in healthcare industry is helping lives of million people across the globe. How it’s happening? Just the way home automation works, programmed medical devices work the same way. The sensors are connected with internet that send out and receive information and behave accordingly.

The application of IoT in healthcare industry is numerous. Here are few of them-

  • Remote clinical monitoring
  • Real time location assessments to track devices used for treatments
  • Real time remote medical consultation
  • Preventive care giving
  • Chronic disease management

IoT is at a nascent stage in many places around the world. The scope of IoT is yet to be discovered and implemented broadly into every “Thing”. Like any other technology when it first comes into play takes significant time to make full-fledged move. IoT is not exempted. Just imagine if healthcare industry, businesses and even your home appliances can change to that extent, what it would be like when the world will turn into a really ‘smart world’! So this is very easy to conclude that,  IoT enabled mobile application is indeed our remote control to move towards a smarter world.

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