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A Simple Guide on How to Develop Content Strategy

10th Sep 2018Posted by

You could be thinking to start creating content or looking for new ways to design your already existing content. Whatever be your purpose, when content marketing is in your mind, a read about the content strategies and what's new is a must.

What you need is the first step to face the competition is to make a perfect marketing plan. If you are finding trouble to plan new, keep reading.

Content Strategy   

Content strategy means the managing of the way you are going to create the content, be it visual, written, audio... as you wish. This would be on what your marketing plans and the best way you do it.

When creating your content strategy, you must remember the following:

  • For whom you are creating the content
  • Who's the target audience?
  • What is the count of your audience?
  • The problem it's going to find a solution for the audience
  • How to make a unique content? How different are you from your competitors?
  • What must be the content format? Video? Info graphics? Blog posts?
  • The choice of channels to publish your content.
  • How to manage the making and publishing of the content?

Why you need a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing helps to make creative and effective content for your brand and web website to draw traffic and new leads. Know that, if you write one blog to draw organic traffic, and then an embedded link to a free tool or an ebook will continuously yield new leads.

The various reliable sources of traffic and leads from your content will allow you to try out new market tactics to generate new leads, like social media advertising, sponsored content and distributed content.

Now, let's get into more details to know about the tricks of content marketing

How to create your strategy for content marketing?

  • Set your goal
  • Carry out research at the personal end
  • carry out a content edit
  • Opt for a content management system
  • Do some brainstorming to decide ideas for content with the following:
  • blog about
  • Feedly
  • BuzzSumo
  • Blog Post Headline Analyzer

Decide the type of content you want to market

Types of Content Marketing

Blog Posts

They must be regularly published for a constant flow of visitors. Posts must be valuable and worthy of sharing over various social media platform. It is recommended to have a word count of 1,000 and 2,000 but you can also try and see if short or long content holds good for you.


Ebooks are essential for the inbound marketing process when after reading your blog post the audience wants to read more about the brand or business. Here, CTAs or calls-to-action play their role to direct the audience to the landing page where they can fill a form to give information on contact and get the ebook in return.  Thus, you get your lead.

Case Studies

Case studies are but the testimonials, a way to tell your customer about your service and the way it is customer-centric. This can be in form of a blog, podcast, ebook or an infographic.


This is visual data and a more beautified way than a blog.


They are one of the most audiences engaging medium which can be shared across various social media platforms and websites. Though requires more investment, the effort is worthy.


If there are interesting people to be interviewed or conversed with your host, a podcast is another better option like videos.


They are a handy format of content format and a trial to generate leads while giving immense value to the audience.

Social Media

This is the best way to do digital marketing and reach your audience. Just you need to decide which media to share your content to attract your target audience. Social media posting can amplify your audience reach.  The various social media platform which you can use for networking are the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Snapchat.

Publish and manage your content

Once you are done with your marketing plan you need to organize your content. Take assistance of an editorial calendar, you can track your publishing and also your content library. next, make a social media content calendar which will help you manage and market your content.

What we have provided is adequate information, for you to start with your own content strategies. It involves finance, creativity, and proper marketing. Keep looking into this space for more tips and suggestions for SEO, Digital Marketing and Branding related discussions.

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