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A Google Shopping Guide For Beginners

03rd Jun 2019Posted by Admin

Why You Must Start Your First Google Shopping Campaign?

Online shopping is currently a hot trend and Google is making it a better place for both the buyers and the sellers.

You may have noticed when you search a product on Google, you would see a few images and prices at the top of the search results page. Yes, this is the convenience we are talking about. People love this feature and it is more likely to click the images for fast navigation to the suggested products.

How good will it be if your merchandise is shown on the list and capture the attention of shoppers who are looking for exactly the item you want to sell?

The Google Shopping ads we are talking about, not only appears on Google SERPs (search engine results pages) but also on shopping tabs on Google search results. Google Shopping ads have become a leading traffic source for many online merchants and keeping them at a competitive edge in the global market scenario.

We wrote this article to help you understand the various aspects of Google Shopping and why you must start your first campaign in Google Shopping.

An overview of Google Shopping

Google Shopping was initiated with a purpose to index product data depending on some search terms and was known as Froogle. Today, it has evolved more and allows customers to search, compare and shop products across the various retailers who have invested in their product advertisement. With this, Google Shopping has become a part of the Google Ads but uses information about products that a merchant uploads for display in Google Shopping ads.

Google Shopping advantages offers a visual touch instead of a text-based searching and experience.

you can appear several times in Google search engine as a PPC text ad, website result, and a buying result.

With a proven 30% higher rate of conversion than text ads, Google Shopping is something you must start with now.

Adding products in Google Shopping

Here we tell you how to set your account manually and see your products on Google Shopping.

Set up a Google's Merchant Center account

Merchant center is where you can make information about your products available to appear across Google. SO you have to start with signing up and creating your account.

Product image optimization

Google Shopping is quite a visual based experience and Google knows that the audience loves good quality images. So this allows only high-quality pictures to get pass its screening and this makes your product imagery an essential aspect for a better shopping experience. Google simply deny campaigns with low-quality images.

Here is what you must do.

  • Opt for gray, white or light background
  • Lights must be clear and even
  • A complete product image. (You can close-ups and rear views as extra pictures
  • Upload image with correct scale, neither big nor small.
  • Avoid noise, excessive editing with colors and hue, fading effect, etc.

In short, your product image must be with visible touch.

Create your product-data feed

After image optimization, you must get your product-data feed ready, this will say Google about your product. This data will act like keywords as people search for a specific product. What you have to do is log into your account for Google Merchant Center and fill the specific details about your product.

You can choose between your spreadsheet or Google's template.

Here we share some product features (with an example), which Google will need to create Google Shopping ads.

Id - This is the product's unique identifier. If possible, use SKU. Say, S123

Title - This will have the title of your product and must match the landing page of your product. You can add some specific words which users may use during their searches like color, size or style. E.g. Dark brown DSLR case

Description - This includes product information and must match the landing page of your product.

Link - This URL must begin with https or http. E.g.

Image link - The URL of the product’s main image and must start with http or https. Eg.

The availability status - In stock or To pre-order

Price - The product’s price and must match that mentioned in the product landing page and be of the country's currency where your product is mostly sold. Example: Rs.1,000

Google_product_category - Use the exact category. E.g. Bags and cases > Camera cases

Brand - Provide your brand name. E.g. ABC's

And if you are using Google's spreadsheet, the attributes will appear as column headers.

Link with your Google Ads account

What we have been saying till now is that the product will get displayed on Google search engine only after you make the payment for the ads. Yes, it's a kind of paid advertisement. To get your product to appear at the front, you have to link with your Google Ads account.

If you don’t have an account in Google Ads, you can create one and do the linking to start your campaign.

Create your campaign

To start your campaign, you have to log into the Google merchant center and type your campaign name, the country where you want to sell, and daily pricing. Once you create your ad, you have to manage your campaign with Google Ads.

Or else you can start your campaign through Google Ads by logging into your account. You have to choose your campaign goal, whether it is for leads, website traffic or sales. Sales campaign is to drive sales, Leads campaign bring leads to encourage conversion and Website traffic campaign brings the target audience to the website.

Run a bidding trifecta

Next, you must choose a bidding strategy and decide the campaign expanse.

You have to select from your bid strategies. You can go the manual way i.e. CPC or cost per click where you can set a maximum CPC for the ads. Or you can opt for an automated bidding strategy.

Then you have to select a campaign budget that you have to spend on an average daily, but the amount is not spent as said, daily but Google manages it on a monthly basis.

Let's take this example. Suppose your set campaign budget is Rs.500/day for April. Google will perceive that you want to spend Rs.500 x 30 days = Rs.15,000 for the month of April. While placing bids on an ad, Google may spend more than Rs.500 in a day, but it will never spend more than Rs.15,000 in April.

You can also choose the delivery method of your budget, with Standard spends evenly while the Accelerated spends it faster.

And if you are running several campaigns, then you must prioritize your campaign so that Google will know which bid to be used.

Shopping campaign must be targeted and scheduled

Finally what you must do is set your target and schedule your campaign, to help your product is displayed to the right audience and within the time you want. You must fix the network and devices you are targeting. Next, choose the locations for your ad to target. You can exclude some options, but it is suggested to opt for Google's default choices.

Finally, you must set your start and end dates to run your campaign.

Create ad groups

Once you have created your campaign, you must create ad groups to run a campaign that will help to determine what kind of ads to run and how to decide to bid on the ads.

There are 2 types of ad groups:

Product-Shopping ads for single product promotion. With this, you must enter your ad group name and set a maximum bid for CPC.

Showcase-Shopping ads allow advertising of several products as part of your product. It's a new format available. What you have to do is enter your ad group name, set a maximum CPE bid and select which products to be advertised as a part of your ad.

Once done, click save to submit your campaign and start your first.

Wrap Up

Google Shopping brings businesses and customers in one place. With this, you can avail your targeted audience with high intent of purchase. This is an advertising platform you cannot ignore. No matter what is your business or what product you sell. Google shopping gives the best selling and shopping experience.

To say, Google is in continuous process of add new features and help advertisers to gain better insights, start easy campaigns, create better experiences and make it more convenient for both sellers and buyers.

Coming at this point of the article, you must realize how essential a tool is Google Shopping. If you haven't added your product yet, then you must consider doing starting your campaign sooner. This is just one solution to get more website traffic, gain leads and increase sales altogether.

Hope this guide helps you better understand Google Shopping and you run your own campaign and see the advantages.

Want to start your first Google Shopping Campaign and don't know how to begin with? No worries, connect with our digital experts.

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