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9 Benefits of Using Chatbots with Your Business Website

03rd Oct 2018Posted by Admin

Chatbots are gaining popularity in the marketing sector and is revolutionizing new ways for business communication with customers, across the globe. Adopting Chatbot technology will give you a competitive edge to stand out among the crowd. Using Chatbots, you can make them answer basic queries, and also understand complicated requests. Hence they are popularly used on social media platforms like Slack, Facebook, and Telegram.

Why incorporate a Chatbot in your business website?

  1. Better customer service

People can react to users depending on temperament.

But Chatbots are designed to follow guidelines. Even if customers appear rude, Chatbots would yet behave politely and guarantee better customer satisfaction for your audience. Even, chatbots are 24/7 available and fast response to customer request anytime.

A chatbot is very proactive. Proactive interaction with audience means you can initiate conversations and this can help you contact customers and address after their concern.

  1. Increases user engagement

Integration of Chatbot into your website enhances user engagement. A better user engagement is a must for business websites to retain customers. A perfectly designed Chatbot supplies with your product and service information in a better way and keep your users engaged.

  1. Supervise consumer data

Machine learning and Chatbots made business intelligence easier. With the incorporation of Chatbot on your business website you can gather customer data and after analyzing the date, you can earn valuable insights.  This would help with product innovation and enhance service delivery.

  1. Personalized experience

Chatbots provide users with personalized experiences. They are made to offer a unique conversational environment, where a customer feels very convenient. Chatbot having a history of the website visitors can offer shopping information to them, based on the history of purchase and people can also learn about the products they want to purchase. 

  1. Keep up with trends

You must remain updated with trends to keep your business relevant. A huge percentage of people use platforms like Telegram and Facebook messenger, those support Chatbots. With the incorporation of Chatbots, you can enable customers to engage with your website and increase your business access to more people.

  1. Better lead generation

Your Chatbot is useful in lead generation. A Chatbot can give follow up on every visitor from their time of visit to any purchase, they make. All the while, a Chatbot carries out conversation and provides business information. It also tells customers about products they would find useful.

  1. Sends relevant push notifications

Relevant notification is always welcoming to users.  Chatbots send personalized notifications to based on their requirements or history of product search or purchase. A Chatbot can understand user's choices and can offer with suggestions that would interest them.

  1. Automation at best

Work repetition over the time appears boring, increases error and reduces productivity. You can make these task happen automatically chatbox integration on your website.

Let's talk about the slack bot, as an instance, which can report bugs. Integrated slack bots will notify about bugs, at real time. The slack bot can reply queries about business and service as well. This way you can have your employees do the challenging and innovative tasks, instead of spending time and money on boring and repetitive tasks.

  1. Better capacity to handle audience

If your website draws a huge audience, chances are that your employees cannot converse with all of them. A chatbox has the capacity to handle this concern. And with a small employee strength, you can maintain a huge audience.


Research says that people prefer to chat than call, hence it is essential for the integration of Chatbot in your website design. With technological advancements, Chatbots are designed to fit most of the platform, to take its advantage.  Hence, this can be said that the future of Chatbots is quite bright.

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