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8 SEO Trends That Will Impact Your Ranking In 2018

29th Aug 2018Posted by Admin

It is midway through 2018 and with several game-changing trends, this year stands out with prominence. SEO is an effective way to make sure that your business reaches your customers.

To assist you in your venture, we share some of the best SEO trends that will accelerate your organic search.

1. Google SERP is evolving

The SERP features are impacting the attention of the searchers’ and clicks from the organic lists.

With the rise of SERP attributes, it’s essential that you keep an eye on your rankings and monitor them, which appear for the chosen keywords and are taking away your traffic. Make use of Rank Tracker by the SEO PowerSuite by initiating a project for your website. This would track fifteen features of Google SERP, and also the organic results.

2. Structured data

This helps to format HTML which makes use of a definite vocabulary and tells search engines methods to interpret contents and display in SERPs.

Though Google never said it officially that structured data signals on ranking, and it is not likely, too. 

Structured data helps you improve your listings in many ways: Snippets and Think Knowledge Graph panels.  Snippets can enhance  CTR of your listings by 30 percent.

With your diverse search results, you cannot ignore the fact that you will outshine others. 

Though there are various formats for structured data, a majority of them uses Schema.org. On implementing the markup, look out if the rich snippets appear for your website with the tool named Rank Tracker.

3. Relevance 2.0

It's not easy to make Google believe that your content is good, because Google has numerous ways to assesses the quality of your content and one being, Latent Semantic Indexing. By taking a look at many pages and the words used, Google can find relatable terms and builds expectations which can appear as per the context. This way Google decides if a content has quality and is comprehensive, too.

And now with RankBrain, Google can also find out the best-doing search results and find similarities between them.

You must research the top ranked pages and see what features are shared, like RankBrain. It is not usual to do it manually, hence you must use of framework which uses the Website Auditor and the TF-IDF tool.

4. To Survive You Need Speed

Speed is essential, for both ranking signal and also as a UX factor, which in turn effects rankings.

But how fast is a good speed?

Take the page speed tests by Google. You need to launch the WebSite Auditor and develop a project. Next move to Content Analysis and mention what you are testing. Then you will see on-page factors of selection, which you calculated. Next, go to the Technical factors and move onto Page speed.

5. Voice search plays a better role

According to Google’s Behshad Behzadi, the proportion of voice search is at rising than searches by typing. Voice searching means a completely new keyword and routine of research.

Take help of Rank Tracker and find out the questions that voice searchers could question. Launch the Rank Tracker, move to the option of Keyword Research, and click Suggest Keywords. Choose the questions that are common from the list, and type your keywords. Within a blink of eyes, you will get several questions which you can choose.

6. Backlinks which are without Links

For several years, links were of great use now linkless could be more mentionable for the off-page signaling of equal significance.

Along with a backlink checker, take help of a tool that monitors the web to find your brands and products being mentioned. Make the best use of Awario for this.

7. Phone is a big thing now

With an increase of voice search, much of the Google searches are happening in mobile, with mobile-first index, and being mobile friendly is a ranking factor, and you need to welcome mobile SEO now.

Find out if your pages have mobile-friendliness. Enter the page URL you want to test, go to the Technical factors, and come to the Page usability in mobile mode.

8. Personalized SERP

Such searches give user information too.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing personalize search result in several ways. An experiment in the year 2011, showed that more than 50 percent of Google's searches were personalized; and the count is increasing.

No worries. Personalization can work in your favor. If your keyword is searched for the first time, you must put your best effort to appear on the top searches in the SERP. When your  listing is clicked by the searcher, you become their choice of entity, and chances are that in their next searches your site be included at the top result

Always make sure that tracking your rand must be appropriate. Rank Tracker will do that is not a personalized way. But if you want to see results without any prejudiced, always use the private mode....the Incognito mode.

Keep looking into this space, we'll come back with more news and SEO related updates.

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