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7 Best Business Intelligence Tools for Companies

23rd Jan 2019Posted by Admin

Gartner makes a prediction that by 2020, over 75% global organizations, both large and small sized would utilize data analytics to help improve business decisions. It is essential for enterprises to use data analytics to interpret big data. In this way, businesses can recognize risks, the behavior of customer and gain insights about happenings around.

With BI tools you can make business strategies, no matter how big or small is your organization.

Nic Smith says that Business Intelligence provides right data at right time to the right people to help them in taking right decisions. Smith is a professional in the Microsoft BI Solutions Marketing.

Here we demonstrate what Smith said and discuss some top Business Intelligence tools helpful for enterprises:

  1. SAS:
  • A major BI tool to create connections business customers and data which helps to forecast.
  • It makes data subset, combines with other data and creates columns.
  • This enables real-time analysis
  • Can make data access in various formats like SAS tables, Microsoft Excel tables, database files.
  1. Microsoft Power BI:
  • This analyses data and offer insights by data conversion to visuals based on which business decisions are taken.
  • With this, data can be in all types of charts that include Bubbles, Tornado Charts, Tadpole Spark Grids and more.
  • Real Madrid used Power BI to build a platform like a service solution working in Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud.
  1. Looker:
  • This helps in real-time data access and helps in making good business decisions.
  • This has a web-based interface which can be helpful to the analytics of a business.
  • This allows creating visualizations with just one code.
  • This can analyze both SQL and web-hosted data.
  1. Tableau:
  • This tool doesn't need any software mastery
  • This imports data and helps visualization.
  • With ‘drag and drop’ solution, it's easy for working.
  • This connects data sources like data warehouses, MS Excel and has a free version for Mac and Windows.

Coca-Cola used Tableau for data analysis. It combines data from various sources and helps to interpret the budget, profitability with respect to clicks and delivery operations.

  1. Sisense:
  • This simplifies data analysis process.
  • This a popular breakthrough in business analysis.
  • This has been designed for people with lesser or no experiences in data crunching.
  1. Qlik Sense:
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise aims at organizational matters
  • Qlik Sense Desktop, a free Windows application for creating personalized reports
  • QlikView can help to supervise tweets' traffic and make an analysis of public sentiment from tweets. Therefore Twitter uses it much.
  1. Google Analytics:
  • This helps in distinguishing between the top and badly performing website content, which is interpreted on the basis of bounce rate for each.
  • This gives an SDK which enables to gather usage data from Android and iOS Apps, namely Google Analytics for Mobile Apps.

So there you have it, the 7 best BI tools for businesses. With own traits and functionalities, you can now choose them as per your requirements.


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