Dynamic minds, envisioned to create a smart application that would track the location of a child by GPS.

Amber Alert GPS

The primary requirement of Amber Alert GPS project was to build a location tracking application, which would act as a constant bridge between parents and children.

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Amber Alert, US

About the project

The primary requirement of Amber Alert GPS project was to build a location tracking application, which would act as a constant bridge between the parents and child. The performance requirements were: a user-friendly mobile application that shows a precise real-time location, safe zones, and alerts parents when their child enters or exits the virtual boundary. The clients wanted to add a range of smart features such as Real time location tracking, Active alerting, Simultaneous alerting, while the overall app was easy to use and thoroughly reliable. The design requirement was asked to be omnipresent, fast and secure; that would allow people in the shared network to communicate online in a seamless way.

Our tasks



The Client approached us with three challenges.

1. Discovering end-user’s needs

The client wanted the app to provide and show seamlessly real-time children’s location. They wanted the service to be fast and reliable for parents.

2. User-friendly interface

The challenge was to come up with the design that is not only modern and smart,but is easy to use and understand.

3. Smart alerts

The requirement was to implement smart alerts of the following types: 2 way calling, active alerting, simultaneous alerting and more.



1. Discovering end-user’s needs

Before starting, Techpro Studio’s team thoroughly examinates the client’s background, proffered style, and features. Then we speak about tech and design requirements for the project and take every preference into account.

2. Spotting the key features

We build the most frequently used as well as unique features, plan create scenarios, presenting the way users will interact with the tools. Techpro identifies the features for optimization and help end-users receive more value in the product.

3. Working over prototypes

Our design and tech teams prepare wireframes and deliver key information on interactiveness. Then we create a high-fidelity version of the product.

4. Implementing the design

The next step is to implement the design and the UX project. We try various versions to understand what works best for the client.

5. Quality assurance

The last but not least. We conduct quality tests throughout the shole process to ensure the quality and stability of all the features. Final testing includes interaction with end-users as well as overall performance estimation and evaluation.

Technology we used

Axios Library
Graph QL

Project Results

Infusing cutting-edge modern design

Our graphic designers worked closely with the client to find out the best design concept and provide the best user experience possible.

Developing intuitive and user-friendly interface

We have studied and identified the ways users want to interact with such service and defined the best way to provide them with that. Parents and their children now easily and seamlessly use the service constantly highlighting its great design.


Building a mobility solution that will perform on more than a single platform, feeding constant real-time feeds into a devices, is not easy but neither is a challenge for our team. The visionary platform required integration of multiple mobile technologies. Application development project that includes such features as real time notifications, irrespective of location and distance, along with appropriate mappings, inherently demanded top notch technical finesse.

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