Empowering Entrepreneurial Skills within Organization

Who brings the success to an organization?

Well, the entrepreneur is definitely the real innovation &economic driver who bears major risks to bring success to the company. However, ‘Entrepreneurs within the Organization’ is the new growth triggering component. We call them “Intrapreneurs”. They are the highly valuable company executives who play the role of a company founder without founding one. They are supported to freely practice entrepreneurial skills within the organization.

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The Intrapreneurial Process

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How we’re encouraging entrepreneurs within our organization?

At Techpro Studio, we believe that every employee is invaluable to our company’s health & sanity and everyone has something genius to share that can be profitable. We encourage our employees from C-suit to freshers to contribute for the ultimate growth. We will support the idea if it has potential of success. We also believe that when an idea pops into the mind, it stays with the person until it’s executed. Execution of an idea can be hard because having an innovative idea and executing it into reality is different. We suggest dishing out the ideas so that we can work on it together to make it a success. And below is how we make all these happen within our organization

  • Encourage individual and collective skills and ideas
  • Foster entrepreneurial mindset and skills
  • Build strong entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Conduct thought-provoking programs that ignite more skills to come up

Keys in your hand!

A good intrapreneur is recognized by his zeal, convictions and insights towards world of business. We have the nose to find out the best in you. While our founders and CEOs will walk through the risky roads, you will have the keys in your hand to play with your powerful imagination.