The Challenges

  • Building a device configuring independent website having different dashboard for the users

  • The website should connect with the device

  • The device should update the changes made in the website

  • The website should have a dedicated payment slot

Techpro Studio’s Solution

  • Firstly, we built a wireframe of the website based on the details provided. Our designers focused on the user friendly interactivity. They enhanced visual appearance and made the navigation smooth.

  • Our developers used Laravel 5.4 framework. They made the website fully- configurable with multi-section slots that allow users to mention specific contacts including 911 and other additional features.

  • We have added Chargify as their payment section. This is because Chargify is one of the popular third-party recurring payment systems that offer smooth and secured transaction of money.

End Result

  • The website is well connected with the device. Any changes made in the dedicated user dashboard get updated on the device.

  • The payment section is hassle-free that has maximized the trust factor of this device among the users.