If you are trying to garner attention on social platform, you should be on Instagram, and it is not a secret. With 700 million monthly active users as of April 2017 (and counting), the mobile photo sharing network is one of the most popular social media platforms across the world. It is a great marketing platform which allows businesses to increase their reach, and no business should lose this opportunity to generate leads and increase sales.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/253577/number-of-monthly-active-instagram-users/

To make the most of Instagram, the focus should be on maximizing the number of followers. This will allow you to showcase your products and services to a larger audience, every time you post on your Instagram account. There is no cost involved in implementing this strategy, yet it has the potential to widen your reach greatly. Here are 5 interesting Instagram marketing tips that will make your brand grow substantially:

Use Instagram free tools Marketers have a new reason to be happy with Instagram rolling out business profiles, which are pretty similar to Facebook’s business profiles. The marketing efforts on Instagram are now strengthened and made effective with tools like email, message and call options. Plus, there is access to insights, giving marketers a clearer view of the engagement and impression data. They can figure out the changes and improvements needed with better understanding of the way users interact with the content.

Make your Instagram presence Known Let the people who are connected to you on other social platforms know about your Instagram presence. Invite your followers or connections to follow on Instagram. They already like what you offer and Instagram will give them another opportunity to connect to your brand on social platform. Most people are not equally active on all social media platforms. Connecting with your followers across networks will ensure maximum reach for every post.

Don’t overwhelm You need to make regular posts to remain relevant to your followers, but you should avoid being too frequent as that may irritate your customers and they may end up unfollowing you. While there is no magic formula for this, experts suggest posting twice daily on different times in the beginning helps reveal when the maximum engagement occurs. Depending on this observation marketers can choose to increase or decrease the posts. This is a continuous task and one needs to change the time and frequency of the posts depending on the changing engagement levels.

Create hashtags to increase engagement Instant engagement is possible with interactive hashtag. Creating hashtags that customers can use to post their own pictures after they have just bought your product is helpful as more customers will use the same hashtags to be visible on your profile. Also, every time they use your hashtags, their followers come to know about your brand and all that you have on offer. This strategy is suggested by experts to larger brands, but can definitely work for smaller businesses as well.

Avoid being promotional all the time A great way to increase engagement is to create content that is entertaining, inspirational, and humorous or can appeal to your customers for its sheer creativity. You have to make your audience enjoy your pictures and videos and that too with subtle or no sales pitch. Some brands convey social messages through their content while underplaying their sales pitch. This goes a long way in elevating the brand in the mind of the customers increasing customers’ trust and loyalty.